Traditionally enjoyed in Morocco and Afghanistan, Kief is a marijuana byproduct with a history that dates back to several thousand years. It’s the shimmery trichome crystals on the surface of weed flowers and leaves that are sifted out with almost no equipment. Unlike other extracts, kief is separated from other plant matters without using a solvent like butane, propane, ethanol, or even water. It is the perfect choice for consumers who prefer a chemical solvent-free concentrate.

To separate kief, you can use a standard grinder with a filtration mesh screen. Another option is to utilize ‘kief boxes’ or pollen sifter boxes, a series of micron screens built into wooden containers. The latter allows filtering out various grades of trichomes with the ultimate goal of getting 99% trichome head sift.

If you prefer buying over making, you can get a kief from physical stores or over the internet, preferably from a place included in the best online dispensary canada 2020 list. This way, you can choose from a quality selection of weed products.

There are several ways you can enjoy kief. Read on to know which one is the best for you.

Add to Your Food or Drinks

Kief is an excellent choice for making weed edibles. It’s rich in terpenes but won’t have the intensely earthy taste cannabis oils have if properly extracted. Plus, the product is easy to incorporate into different recipes.

Always decarboxylate before the infusion process. This precursor step makes far more potent THC- or CBD-infused edibles and only takes 30 to 45 minutes. If you skip decarbing your weed, the end product will only have 10 to 25% activated cannabinoids. It does little in getting anyone high or producing therapeutic benefits as the compounds are still stuck in their acid forms—THCA or CBDA.

Once done, you can add the decarbed kief right into any food or beverage of your choice. You can infuse it into fat like olive oil, coconut oil, or butter and use as you normally would.

Sprinkle On a Joint

Joint smokers can add kief as a THC supplement for some serious psychoactive kick and a more flavorful experience. If you roll your own joints, simply sprinkle pinches of the extract on the ground weed before rolling. Another great option is to lick the outside of your doobie wet or, if you’re truly fearless, douse it with wax or and roll it on a plate of kief. Just don’t forget to have your custom ashtray on the side for those roaches.

Mash into a Hash

Hash is essentially kief formed into a block, bar, square, or ball. Also known as dry-sift hash, it’s more crumbly and powdery than the regular. The two primary things needed to make this type of hash are a good amount of kief and a source of compressive force.

These are some simple approaches in turning your kief into a hash:

  • Hand pressing
  • Flat pressing (Use a hot water jar or the shoe method)
  • Machine-press method (Use T-shape or hydraulic pollen press)

Once done, unwrap the package or parchment paper to unveil a compressed kief hash.

Rip It Away in a Bowl

Smoking pot out of a bong is the best way to get high for plenty of cannabis lovers. However, regular use of weed can make the still positive experience a lot less exciting. Sometimes, you may also have an inferior stash of weed that you just have to burn through. If you’re looking for a more fulfilling rip, a bit of kief is all you need.

Here are four ways you can smoke a kief from a bong:

  • Stuff your bong with ground flower, then top with a pinch of kief.
  • Do the sandwich method by putting a little kief between two layers of weed.
  • Try kief layering. Pack the first layer with ground bud, followed by a sprinkle of kief dust. Do the same steps a few more times, then cap it with a blanket of ground weed.
  • Press kief into a small ball that won’t fall through the bowl hole and rip away.

Make a Moon Rock

You haven’t experienced a soaring, vertigo-inducing high until you’ve tried smoking moon rocks. The experience may start as a slow burn, but it will pick up and get you so baked that you’ll be a lump of happy numbness completely melted on the couch.

Dried GSC flowers are typically used for making moon rocks, but any strain will work. You’ll also need a concentrate or a hash oil with a liquid dropper, a bowl of kief, and tongs. Follow these steps when you’re ready:

Step 1: From your stash of nugs, choose denser ones to hold the other ingredients better.

Step 2: If your concentrate is too thick, slightly heat it until it becomes more little liquidy. Once the concentrate has a workable texture, use a dropper to douse the buds completely.

Step 3: Get the drenched buds with your tongs and roll them in the kief until they are covered in mouthwatering crystals.

Step 4:Let the cannabis cocktail dry, and voila—you have moon Rocks ready to send your mind to outer space.

Press It Into a Rosin

Many confuse rosin with shatter or sap, but, unlike the two, it is mechanically extracted. That makes rosin a solvent-less concentrate, so there’s no residual alcohol, butane, CO2, or ethanol in it. The product is drawn from a cannabis flower, hash, and (you guessed it!) kief.

With just a few easy-to-find materials, you can make a DIY rosin press and start extracting immediately. You just need a hair straightener, kief, parchment paper, collection tool or dabber tool, and heat-resistant gloves. Once you have all five, simply follow these steps here:

  1. Set the hair straightener to the lowest temperature (280-330°F)
  2. Cut a 4”×4” size parchment paper, then fold it in half
  3. Place the kief between the folded paper and lightly press it with your fingers
  4. Using the hair straightener, apply a very firm pressure until you hear a sizzle. This indicates that the resin has melted, and you can already remove the pressure.
  5. Unfold the parchment paper and remove the flattened kief away using the collection or dabber tool.

Coat Thai Sticks

A Thai stick is an ancient cannabis cigar from Thailand that became popular in the US in the 1970s. Also known as the ultimate weed blunt, it is skewered and wrapped marijuana flowers kept together by a hemp string. You can add swag to this herbal shishkabob by coating it with hash oil or sugar water, then adding a layer of kief.

Making a Thai stick doesn’t require many ingredients and is not difficult to do. That said, it’s not a roll and burn process either. It takes time but will deliver an incredible cerebral punch you won’t forget.

Best Uses For Kief

Best is relative to your constraints and preferences. Fortunately, whatever your inclinations and limits are, you’ll find more than one way to enjoy your kief. These beautiful trichome crystals can be added to your food or joint, stuffed in a bowl, turned into rosin or hash, and used as a Thai stick or moon rock coating. Just bear in mind that trich dusts are ultra-potent cannabis gold, so treat them delicately and enjoy with prudence.