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Night Train is a cannabis variant that was first released by California-based breeders Elemental Seeds. However, DNA Genetics also developed their version of the herb which they named Cole Train.

The combination of Night Train’s parent strains says a lot about this variety. Rooted from the soothing Jasmine (inspired by jasmine tea) and extra potent Trainwreck, one can expect a hybrid that is a brilliant source of serenity and a strong punch of cerebral and physical effects.

Key Features

Indica to Sativa Ratio50/50
Flowering PeriodIndoors: 7 to 9 weeks
 Outdoors: Late September to mid-October
YieldIndoors: 283-340 g/m2
 Outdoors: at least 340 g/plant
Growing DifficultyEasy


Night Train displays regular to large-sized heads with green hues. These colas often have an elongated and cone-like shape with densely-packed calyxes indicative of its Indica lineage. Its foliage is also tinted with a shade of bright green. Meanwhile, several hairy pistils flaunting bright colors of orange and yellow spread along the colas. The strain’s look is completed with a layer of translucent, amber trichomes that gleam with the light.

Fragrance and Flavor

Night Train has a strong herbal aroma which is perfectly paired with a hint of citrus. When broken apart by hands, notes of pine and wood rush towards the nose. You will know that the herb is cured well when a pungent, spicy smell becomes more noticeable. This is also coupled with the scent of damp grass and skunk. Once combusted, the strain releases a quite intense nutty fragrance.

During the smoking session, users can enjoy the hybrid’s coffee flavor with earth and hash undertones. Pungent tastes of pepper and skunk are also emphasized on the exhale. Meanwhile, it leaves a nutty aftertaste in the tongue. However, Night Train’s clouds can be harsh, which can induce coughing and cause the eyes to water.


Night Train possesses a name that hints a potent set of effects that will surely hit anyone like a train. However, while many users consider the strain as a recreational buddy, it also does not disappoint in terms of therapeutic benefits. Having an excellent blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, the hybrid can also be an effective treatment for various physical and mental problems. 


The strain’s effects show within 15 minutes, which is quite fast. Its euphoria first graces the users with a general feeling of bliss and contentment. After an hour or so, slight pressure and throbbing can be felt around the temples and forehead. This is commonly followed by heightened senses which amplify one’s optical, auditory, and cognitive abilities. Such an experience is best coupled with activities such as watching movies, listening to music, and studying.

While it increases cerebral function and activity, it is far from its parent strain Trainwreck, which often leads to a wild mind race and is thus not for people who are prone to panic and anxiety. Because of its Indica genetics, Night Train also grants the consumers with profound relaxation. The body high starts to crawl from the spine, down to the core, and then to the limbs. This will make you feel tired and sleepy. Most of the time, this also leads to a couch-locked state.

That said, the strain should not be consumed when you need to take on a busy day ahead. Doing so will only give you the burden of resisting the strong urge of your eyes to close. Instead, pick this strain during lazy, chill days alone, with your best buddies, or after a long day from work.


Night Train’s soothing property is efficient for treating pain. It calms the muscles, easing problems like spasms. Many medical users also use this variant as a supplementary treatment for cancer symptoms.

With the same tranquilizing quality, the hybrid also frees the body from tension, making the eyes droopy and ready for a good night’s slumber. But apart from just assuring the mind to rest, it also improves the quality and duration of sleep.

The usual side effects of the herb are dry eyes and mouth. While seasoned users are used to the said consequences, most newbies will find these uncomfortable. Thus, make sure to stay hydrated by imbibing on a few glasses of water.

Furthermore, because the strain rests on the more potent side of the spectrum, it can sometimes arouse dizziness. When consumed in excess, it can also induce a mild case of paranoia. Hence, always indulge in moderation.

Growing Information

Either outdoors or in more controlled indoor environments, Night Train is easy to cultivate. It is also resilient and can withstand temperature and weather changes. However, if you plan on growing it outside though, make sure that the area has a semi-humid climate with temperatures between 22-27°C (72-80°F).

Thanks to its Indica genetics, the strain also grows short (36-60 inches) and bushy. This is an advantage for indoor growers who won’t need to allot a significant vertical space for the crop. It is also not prone to any form of plant pathogens, molds, and moisture-related problems such as root rot. However, it is quite susceptible to pests, making indoor growing more preferable.

To maintain the plant, it is necessary to top the crops. It is also recommended to prune its broad fan leaves which can block the herb from the source of light and interrupt the flowering process. While Night Train can adapt to any growing methods, it does best with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. The particular approach can save time, increase resin production, and improve the overall yield.

With just a short flowering cycle of 7 to 9 weeks, Night Train also gifts indoor cultivators with an average yield of about 283-340 g/m2. If grown outside, it flowers during the last week of September to the second or third week of October, bearing at least 340 g/plant.

Night Train Strain

Night Train is a top-notch cannabis variant that equally offers the benefits of both Indica and Sativa. With the combination of its herbal aroma, coffee flavor, and soothing effects, it is an ideal choice for well-deserved smoking sessions. Because the strain has a sedative power like no other, consuming it also equates to purchasing a train ticket towards dreamland.

While its effects are its most attention-catching feature, it is not the only thing that you wouldn’t want to miss. The good news for aspiring growers is that Night Train is not challenging to deal with in the garden. What’s more, it yields decently within just a short amount of time.

More about Night Train

Night Train is a cannabis variant that was first released by California-based breeders Elemental Seeds. However, DNA Genetics also developed …

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