Medical Marijuana Uses in Chronic Illnesses

Despite its reputation as an abused drug, more states are working on laws that will legalize medical marijuana uses. In fact, around 20 states in America have already allowed its use. There are a lot of ongoing studies to further understand and prove its wonders in curing chronic diseases and relieving symptoms of various health conditions. The figures are very significant given that those that are constantly fighting for its use are not normal recreational users, but reputable doctors and researchers who have sworn to do no harm to their patients.

How does it Work?

Weed contains the active ingredients THC and Cannabidiol. These chemicals work on the areas of the brain responsible for pain, relaxation, inflammation and other processes. Although there is a thin line between medical marijuana uses and marijuana abuse, its benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to many chronic illnesses.

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The Various Medical Marijuana Uses

There are more than fifteen chronic illnesses that are included in the list of conditions that are allowable for medical marijuana uses. The different conditions were included by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) in their report entitled “Descriptions of Allowable Conditions under State Medical Marijuana Laws”. In this article, we will discuss some of these conditions.


According to a study in 2003 study done at Virginia Commonwealth University, marijuana activates our body’s natural cannabinoid receptor protein. They work together to regulate the body’s central nervous system which can significantly control the spontaneous seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy. Medical Marijuana uses in this condition go beyond just minimizing seizures but totally eliminating them. It has more advantages than anti-convulsants that are commonly prescribed to these patients.


Scientists from the California Pacific Medical Center has 20 years of research to back up their stand that medical marijuana stops progress in a wide range of aggressive cancers. One of marijuana’s active ingredients, Cannabidiol, potentially turns off the ID-1 gene which is responsible in the spread of cancer. The scientists have found this effective in breast, prostate, brain, and other cancers which involve high levels of the ID-1 gene. Further research on how this medical marijuana use should be delivered to the human body only means that it is possible to stop the killing power of cancer forever.


THC is the ingredient that is involved in interrupting the debilitating mechanism of HIV in patients suffering from it. At first, it was only known to prevent further weight loss and stimulate the appetite of the patients. But further studies have proven that is can save lives by decreasing the immune tissue damage in HIV/AIDS patients.

There are a lot of skeptics about medical marijuana uses but the fact that doctors, researchers and scientists never stop in studying and prescribing its use is enough proof that it can play a significant role in interrupting the progress of the most major chronic illnesses that attack the human race.

The political and cultural controversies that come along with medical marijuana uses are hard to defy but given enough resources, time and effort in the explanation of its benefits and the regulation of its use, there is no doubt that time will come for more people to understand how significantly it can improve countless lives.