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Though its name may sound intense, the AK-47 is actually a mellow kind of weed. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain can give a long-lasting sense of high that gives you that cerebral kick you need for an imaginative and inspirational creativity to get going. You end up being alert and you can engage in a variety of social or creative activities.


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The origins of the AK-47 is derived from a mix of Thai, Afghani, Mexican and Colombian weed strains, concocting new flavors and smoking effects. While the scent of the AK-47 strain is a bit sour and earthy, the blend of flavors you can taste as you smoke it tends to be sweet.


Strain Details and Plant Features

It was through the efforts of Serious Seeds in 1992 that the AK-47 strain managed to win various Cannabis Cup awards all over the world because of its immense THC content. If you’re thinking of filling your garden or grow box with a strain that has a lot of resin, has a skunky scent and a top class hybrid, experienced growers recommend an indoor environment either with soil or hydroponics set up for the AK-47. This strain is easy to grow with a short indoor flowering time of about 53 to 63 days. Raising the AK-47 outdoors typically end by the last week of October.


Smoking Effects

The AK-47 strain is known for its earthy, pungent and skunky scent. The taste is also earthy with a hint of sweetness when smoked. While its name may sound intense, the AK-47 is actually a mellow kind of strain that lets you relax, chill out and gives you a cerebral buzz that lets you grow more creative and imaginative – perfect for those who are looking for a spark of inspiration that’s relaxed and calm. Common side effects of smoking the AK-47 include dry eyes and dry mouth.


Medicinal Uses

Because of its relaxing effects, the AK-47 is mainly used for relieving stress and anxiety. This strain is just perfect for a smoking session at night, giving you a lazy and relaxing high. It’s also used to fight off chronic pain, especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy. Other uses of the AK-47 strain include improving appetite and relieving insomnia.



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