Critical+ Marijuana
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Critical+ marijuana was selected by a great owner residing from Bilbao wherein Dinafem owes this little plant for several reasons which includes being the winner of the 1st High Life Cup that was held in Barcelona.

An interesting feature of this plant is the fact that it emits an intense aroma and taste. It has a fruity skunk smell and it can be very strong which can be a problem if you smoke it indoors, unless you have a carbon filter to help remove the smell. It should be emphasized when smoked even if it is mixed with tobacco since the original taste still passes through and it surely doesn’t taste similar to burnt grass.

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  • Seed Bank: Dinafem Seeds
  • Genetics: Sativa/Indica (50%-50%)
  • Parents: Big Bud x Skunk
  • Photoperiod/Autoflowering: Photoperiod
  • Flowering Time: 10 weeks or longer
  • Height: Medium
  • THC %: 12 – 16%


Plant Description

The Critical+ grows similar to a sativa and it definitely looks like it because of the narrow, slim leaves that are not so dark yet long and has thin stems, especially if you compare it with its flowers. A lot of side branching also occurs with a short intermodal distance that is helpful in improving the production.

Experts would recommend to control the height before it undergoes flowering period because it has the tendency to grow faster during this phase. It also shows all of its potential during the flowering period wherein it looks like a sativa that has become a super-producer which outranks all the other strains. This is ideal for SCROG systems since its development is fast and can be harvested within 65/75 days with 12 hours of light indoors.


Smoking Effects

When you smoke the Critical+ marijuana strain, it can be very intense right from the very start and will really provide you with total pleasure, thus leaving a great aftertaste. It produces high resin and a high strength effect plus mixed with a physical and mental effect.

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