Right Way to Use a Marijuana Bong

The leafy blessing of goodness has recently taken the world by storm after its approved legalization of use just in 2014. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re dead on the spot. I’m talking about the glorious and magical marijuana. Being a plant that can get you high, its recreational use isn’t that surprising. But with legalization of the use of marijuana, even using marijuana for medical purposes is now even promoted, proving the great benefits of weed.

One of the many ways of consuming weed is through the use of bongs. These pipes provide a new way of smoking weed besides the traditional way of forming weed into cigarettes and smoking them. What bongs do is that before the smoke can even enter the lungs, the water in the chamber cools the smoke, providing a cleaner smoke in a more abundant amount. But for someone who’s new to bongs, how do you use this awesome gadget properly?

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First, you fill the base of the marijuana bong with liquid, depending on the level of the bong itself. While water is the most common liquid used, other liquid substances could also be used. This can include the likes of alcohol, soda and even herbal teas can be used as a liquid base in a marijuana bong. However, water is the most commonly used liquid since other liquids tend to absorb more of the active ingredients in weed. Cannabinoids are the ones responsible for getting you high and water is the liquid that least absorbs it, giving you smoke that’s gets you high in no time.

After that, the weed is packed inside and then lighted by using either cigarette lighters or any other ignition devices like torch lighters, soldering irons or matches. This will start up the smoke that you’re going to be inhaling later on. Put your lips tightly on the bong’s mouthpiece and start inhaling the smoke coming from the bong’s chamber. Try to inhale quickly but in large quantities so that the smoke doesn’t go stale and tasteless.

The best way to consume weed from a bong is by getting a “hit” the first time by inhaling the potential smoke. The freshest smoke produced by the bong is the most desirable and contains the most taste which can get you high in no time. Once you feel that you’ve gotten enough smoke, you can pull the bowl to get clean air. Inhale sharply to draw more smoke into the lungs, getting you high.

The proper use of a bong can be quite challenging for the first timer. Of course, no one’s perfect and you can never expect someone who has never used a bong before to get it right the first time. But hopefully, this guide has helped you to get high using a marijuana bong. What are you waiting for? If you want to get high, but also want a cleaner and smoother smoke coming from your weed, why not get your own marijuana bong now and start to change things up a bit?

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