Planting marijuana is not as hard as you imagine. Starting your own garden is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 if you just follow these steps.

First, prepare your seeds and place them in a glass of water on a room temperature. Note that some seeds may sink but most will float. After 18 – 24 hours, the seeds should have sunk. Any seed that is still floating is probably not viable.

Second, put the glass in a dark warm place, it can be above the fridge or any place that is 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is ideal for your seeds.

Next, Pour the seeds and water on paper towel. Fold the towel over the seeds and drink the excess water off paper towel and place it inside a sandwich bag. Put it somewhere dark and warm.

After that, check seeds after 24 hours, the roots should have start poking by then. When the roots are about ½ inches or 2 cm long, they are ready to plant. Prepare a good draining soil in a plastic container or any container of your choice. Moisten the soil and make a small hole about ½ inches deep.

In planting your seeds, gently grasp the seeds taking care not to touch the root. Gently insert root into the pre made hole and lightly cover it with no more than ¼ inch dirt. In cases where the roots curl along the seed, place the seed in a position that the seed sits on its roots in a ¼ inch deep hole rather than the usual ½ inch deep.

Water the plants one last time to insure that the soil is thoroughly moist. You can see if the soil is adequately moist when the water is dripping in the bottom of the container.

Lastly, place your plants under the sunlight. In about 24 -48 hours the sprouts will start to appear.

Note that if you are growing outdoors, always watch the night temperature early in the season and bring plants when temperature reaches below 45 Fahrenheit.

If growing indoors, do not put young seedlings under HID lights for the first few weeks, compact fluorescents or tubes will give them a better start.