Having a marijuana garden is the best thing a grower can have. Looking over the green cannabis plants growing in its glory may be the best sight you’ll see. But, there is a much better sight than this. The most envious and exciting scene to happen is when this marijuana grows right in your backyard.

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Waking up in the morning and looking over your good growing cannabis garden is the greatest good morning greeting for a grower. Having your cannabis garden just in your backyard, you can monitor everything and see the grow stages of your plants yourself.

Saving the grower the hassle of travel and time, having and growing right in your backyard is the best solution.

The garden location number one in the video has good growing marijuana plants. The green crack strain and the smaller ones from Hawaii grow just fine. The good method and good care of the cannabis plants now results to the wide heap of marijuana plants currently growing in the garden.

Many branches that sprout from the initial plant and good pruning method also resulted to the healthy plants. The stake in the side of the plants as seen helps balance and support the continuously growing plant.

Marijuana plants have many needs and needs extra care in order to grow healthy and produce more. Fluctuating temperature or PH level in soil can damage or change the state of your plants.

The droopy leaves of the plants are the result of the hot temperature in the garden that reaches an estimate of 105 degrees. Water supply in the plants is important to counteract the heat of the sun but always make sure that the water will not affect the suggested PH range of your soil.

The tall variety of the sunflowers present in the marijuana garden is used to hide the marijuana plants from the eyes of the public.

Strawberry or the beast as called of the grower is the biggest marijuana plant in the garden with the estimate of 7-8 feet wide. The plant is having about 8 gallons of water every day.

The single blue dream in the garden is also getting bushier by the day. What are you waiting for? Watch this video and grow marijuana right in your backyard!

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