Marijuana has been around for a long, long time now. When you try to search about its history, you will find out that it has been used as far as the ancient times. It was even used medically first before people discovered using it recreationally. When the time came when people were hungry for knowledge and information and they questioned everything around them, including cannabis. They wanted to know everything about marijuana.

Everyone familiar with marijuana knows about THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. It was just discovered in the year 1964 in Israel and that was when people knew what has been causing the “high” they get from cannabis and it was considered as a big find during that time.

But it turns out that THC is not the only important and interesting chemical compound found in marijuana, cannabis also has a substance which is even more useful in terms to its effects in the human body as compared to the one THC has. It also contains what we call CBD or Cannabidiol and it has the same composition with THC but only has a different arrangement.

CBD has been already known longer than THC but it was only recently when its importance was fully realized. It helps to modulate or to blunt the effects of THC and it has unique properties which are very fascinating and can be helpful to a lot of people out there. It can be used as an anti-seizure, it can relieve pain and it even has anti-cancer properties.