Planting is not just mere planting but an investment of love and care for the growers. It is not a simple plant-water-harvest method but it must also be incorporated with feelings.

Growing marijuana indoors is fun but also challenging. A marijuana seedling is very sensitive and vulnerable to small changes. The care that a marijuana plant needs is just like the needs of a little baby. Many marijuana growers all around the globe find ways to care for their marijuana plant and because of this, they come-up with brilliant ideas.

PC grow box is an odorless, quiet, plug small box-like apparatus that cares for young marijuana plant. It is like an incubator that has lights and ventilation that promotes good growing marijuana plants and fast harvest.

Growers also improvise and make their own grow boxes in order to save money and avoid paying huge amount to buy commercial ones. CPUs (Central Processing Units) of personal computers can be transformed to being grow boxes of marijuana plants just like the one shown in this video.

PC grow box must be wrapped with foil foam inside (or what they call auto shade) in order for the heat from the bulb won’t escape. In this sense, the growers can control the heat inside for their plants. Ventilation should also be present inside your grow boxes.

When marijuana plants are big enough for the grow boxes and now have healthy leaves and several branches, it is time to put support for your plants.

Marijuana plants, especially those with many branches tend to over crowd. Space is important for the proper growth of marijuana buds.

In order to solve this problem, growers can use fuzzy wires for support and separate the branches. Putting holes in the sides of the plastic pot to be inserted with the wires are also a nice idea. Using this method and the aid of PC grow boxes, growers can now have a good premium harvest.