How to Grow Weed Indoors

grow weed indoors

Growing weed in your own home is not so difficult these days. You just need to know the right strains to use in order to produce the best results. It is also important to consider the proper grow methods and the equipment to use. If this is your first time to grow weed indoors, it’s normal to be faced with a bit of confusion.

So if you want to know how to grow weed& indoors, read on.

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Step 1 – Know the right place to grow it:

If you want an easy way to start your marijuana grow room, then the best place for it will be in a built indoor grow tents which can be purchased from certain vendors. These tents have a strong structure and you can assemble it in just a few minutes. They are light proof and it comes with the necessary holes for the cables and extraction of air. The average cost for these tents is around 100 Euros for a basic model.

Step 2 – Growing in soil or hydro:

If you want to grow weed indoors, it can be done in a massive number of different ways. For the simplest one, it will be through soil. It can also grow well in clay pebbles, coco fibre, rockwool and any different hydrophobic systems wherein soil can be difficult to use. As long as the plant’s roots get the proper nutrients and oxygen, there’s no doubt that it will grow.

Step 3 – Soil quality:

For your marijuana to get the right nourishment, then a good soil is needed for it to grow. It is ideal that you invest in your soil because the higher the price, the better the quality. Of course, this is something that newbies in the marijuana growers industry will be comfortable with but it surely is a great way to start off. If you want, you can get a specialist so that he can help you out about the ready-mixed soil and large plant containers.

Step 4 – The grow room:

Before you even start growing marijuana, it is ideal that you have invested well in a grow room. This is important because it is the place where you will setup all the equipment that you will be needing and where your cannabis plant will grow. Make sure that the space of your grow room is spacious enough to promote proper growing and prevent the plants from getting too cramped up.

Step 5 – The seeds:

You need to know that marijuana comes from a wide variety of seeds and knowing which one to use will influence the quality of the drug. If you plan on growing different types of seeds, make sure that you don’t grow them all together in the same room to prevent the quality of each from getting contaminated.

Step 6 – The light:

Since you will be mostly growing weed indoors, natural light source has no way of reaching the plant. You must invest in a reliable, artificial light source than can be an alternative to natural light. This will ensure that your plants will grow the right way and you will be able to have more harvest.