Many cannabis smokers also enjoy tobacco. If you are one of them, then what are you waiting for? Relish your pot while having a bit of baccy pleasure through blunts. They are found in the glass displays of dispensaries commanding jaw-dropping prices. Unable or not in the mood to spend serious cash on weed cigars? That’s alright because we can teach you how to roll your own in six easy steps. You can choose your preferred cigar and flavor as a shell for your favorite strain. Plus, you can do this whenever and wherever you are – freshly rolled blunt on demand!

What Is A Blunt And Why Roll With A Cigar?

If you are new in the cannabis scene, you might have wondered why dispensaries offer packs or boxes of cigar-looking products labeled blunt. What is it, and why are they sold in a marijuana store?

These rolls that look exactly like your grandfather’s cigar are weed sticks, usually of popular strains, wrapped in dried and fermented tobacco leaves. Besides appealing to our curiosity, its identical semblance with cigars means cannabis enthusiasts can light up ganja without drawing attention. This is not something you can do with a joint, which is easily recognizable.

Cannabis cigar blunt
Man holding marijuana cigar blunt

This is also how it came into existence. In the clandestine days of weed in New York, the stuffed tobacco of the cheap cigar brand Phillies Blunt was hollowed out and replaced with pot. The term “blunt” caught on and is now one of the three types of cannabis roll, along with joints and spliffs.

Commercial blunts, cannagars some call it, are often encased in either extra elegant or eye-catching containers with labels that proudly announce they are hand-crafted. The products are in demand with big spenders and are popular gifts to high-minded friends and family.

Do not mistake blunts as the pot-filled rolls for those with deep pockets. While commercial brands are not for the penny pinchers, rolling your own blunt, and using your preferred cigar to house your favorite cigar is inexpensive. The most common brands used are Game by Garcia y Vega, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, 4ks, Backwoods, and White Owl.

Whether you go for store-bought or self-rolled blunts, expect these benefits to enhance the smoking experience:

  • More Weed. Joints typically have a meager half gram, while fat Js can hold up to one gram. Blunts, on the other hand, contain one to three grams. In a simple illustration, six joints amount to just one blunt.
  • Longer Burn. A properly compacted and rolled blunt with a high-quality cigar case burns in 30 minutes. This ensures less of your precious pot burns away without going through your lips.
  • Perfect For Group Toking. Because blunts contain more ground ganja and burn way slower than joints, it is ideal for group sessions. No need to light more than one roll as a single blunt is more than enough to pass around.
  • Additional Flavors. Dried tobacco leaves have a sweet and slightly spicy taste, which goes well with the dankness of weed. Many brands of cigars are also offered in various flavors. It adds a subtle layer of aroma and taste to that of marijuana.

How To Roll A Blunt With A Cigar?

Rolling a blunt with your choice of cigar and cannabis strain is like savoring your favorite dish and dessert in one spectacular yet affordable meal. Now, who does not want that? You know what else? You can do it in six simple steps with the materials below in just a few minutes.

  • Cannabis buds
  • Cigar or cigarillo
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Blade or blunt splitter (optional)

1. Break Down The Flower

You can either do this by hand, which most blunt rollers do or through a grinder. The manual route produces moderate size ground weed, which slows the burn even more. However, some THC or CBD crystals will stick on your fingers and just be washed off. Using a shredder, on the other hand, is convenient, but you must not over grind as you could end up inhaling fine specks of cannabis dust.

2. Split And Hollow Out The Cigar

Again, you have two ways to do this – by hand or using a blade or blunt splitter. Regular blunt rollers use their fingers to pinch one end of the cigar or cigarillo and roll and split it open. Apply even pressure on each side to produce a clean, lengthwise cut all the way down to the other end. If this is not something you can do without breaking the wrap, use a cutter. Once you have the cigar open, hollow out all the shredded tobacco, leaving but a shell.

Note: Dry cigars will most likely crack regardless if you have the gentlest hands or the sharpest blade. To make it usable again, wrap it in a moist paper towel for a couple of minutes. You may also heat the wrapped tobacco stick in the microwave no longer than three to five seconds.

3. Fill Up The Cigar Wrap

Pack the cylindrical wrap with ground weed. If you desire to enjoy your blunt with the added potency and flavor of a concentrate, sandwich the extract between two films of ground marijuana.

4. Even Out The Contents

Run your index or pinky finger up and down the roll to even out the ganja log. This step ensures that the burn is even and smooth.

5. Rock, Lick And Seal The roll

Using the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, rock the blunt back and forth to pack the contents tightly in place. Then, tuck the side of the wrap that is closer to you underneath the other. Moisten the bottom part of the exposed side from end to end.

6. Bake It

To seal all the contents in and help the roll hold its shape, run a lighter back and forth over the wrapper. It will dry the seam and tighten the entire blunt. Once this is done, you can enjoy your weed cigar and fly high.

Rolling A Blunt With A Cigar

With blunts, you can enjoy both cannabis and tobacco at the same time. Got no blunt wrap for rolling? No worries! Cigars make the perfect shell for your weed. They even allow inconspicuous pot-smoking since cannagars look exactly like regular cigars and cigarillos. Plus, they add flavor, carry more marijuana, and lengthen the burn rate of the roll, enhancing the entire experience with the addition of just one inexpensive material. Sounds like something you want to light up? Follow the easy 6-step guide and be blunting in a few minutes.

Blunt Cigar
Marijuana Blunt Cigar