Experienced cannabis enthusiasts are always eager to add accouterments over a few years. The products can be any- from one-hitters to stylish party bongs. Or, they can be sentimental pieces which they pick from trips or get as gifts from friends.

However, the saddest part can be to hide these pieces. Yes, the logistical headache can be delicate and often cumbersome. If that’s the case for you, the best you can do is proudly display your stoner glass pipes.

Can’t wait to know what these are? Know that there is a fine line between a heap of old-fashioned pipes and an exotic collection of experienced glassware.

What are the Ways of Cleaning your Glassware?

Cleaning your gear holds pivotal importance. However, it is essential to give your spoon pipes a thorough scrub before putting them on display. Washing your glass can be easy, and chances are excellent for your smoke to taste better when through clean glass. Also, you’ll take pride in displaying your pipes so that your guests can review these more than a resinous pipe.

Person holding spider bong

Once you have clean equipment, it is best to stage your pieces in the best way possible. Make sure to group your glass pipes to make the collection powerful. Also, juxtaposing every glass pipe will be possible for highlighting the unique part of each bong.

You can also use electrical lighting like the LEDs for incorporating the displays for glowing from underneath, giving backlighting, and much more.

How to Display your Exquisite Glass Collection?

There is a wide variety of ways for displaying the collectables. Let’s take a deep purge into knowing how to present your glass in the best manner.

Display Glass:

Do you have one-of-a-kind pieces? If yes, then consider plexiglass or an acrylic case. Know that boxes like these find usage for memorabilia, sneakers, or game balls. Also, it provides UV protection.

Know that these pieces are great if you have unique pieces that you wish to preserve. Or for a retired pipe which you look forward to outshining. Thus, framing your cannabis glass pipe, in this case, can be the best you can do.


Do you have a bong collection? If yes, then chances are excellent you are already using your shelf cases. But, the good news is that you can brilliantly showcase the small collections along a wall. Consider building a display cabinet in your living room for presenting your collection.

Pro cannabis users suggest using under-cabinet lighting for casting a glow in the display glass. Or, you can make use of puck lights for shedding light on the featured item. Choose from multiple colors, in which you can include a remote control.

You can also consider making a replica of a bar display. Make sure to replace the bottles of alcohol with stylish pipes.

The Verdict

Modern cannabis consumption devices have become pieces of art. The craftsmen produce these special pipes, and their efforts require displaying.

But, even more to these pieces is that they tell you a story and deserve the same treatment you provided to the pennants up on your wall. With that said, the old pipes don’t interest anyone except the owner.

So, it’s time to get that glassware out of the closet and put the art on display in the exact place it belongs!