When you have an upcoming drug test and you were just given a short notice, then looking for things to do that could help you excrete the THC left in your body becomes a mission.

You can surf the internet all day and it will give you a lot of options but not all of them will work. The remedies that work based on facts to get marijuana out of your system fast are compiled in this video, ready to help you.

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Metabolism is the breakdown of the substance from one form to another and this process produces metabolites which are the chemically altered derivative of marijuana’s active substance THC. THC metabolites are what’s excreted from our body through urine, saliva or blood and are detected in the tests.

How long does weed stay in your system? This depends on the THC’s potency, how much and how often you take marijuana, your metabolism and the test’s sensitivity. Body physiology and everyday activity plays a big factor on the rate of the drug’s metabolism since the metabolites are stored in fat.

There are those who say that niacin, vinegar and cranberry juice helps. This may be true but only very slightly. What can excrete the THC from your system effectively are hydrating, exercising and modifying your diet.

Water is the ultimate purification tool, this helps flush out toxins so drink at least 10 eight ounces of glasses per day. Since THC is stored in the body fat, exercising at least 30-60 minutes a day can help eliminate them in the body exponentially. Modify your diet, stay away from refined sugars or carbohydrates and saturated fats. Each of your meal should include a protein source, a good fat source and low-carb vegetables.

So if you want to get marijuana out of your system fast, watch this video and learn just that!

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  1. I have a test coming up and worried that my results would show that I’ve been smoking weed. This video is my savior! DANKE!