Weed has been utilized by people for thousands of years now and it has been used for different kinds of things. It has been used medically even during the ancient times and even before, people enjoyed using it recreationally. It has also been used in making things like paper, ropes, cloth and a lot of other things.

Weed is still in the hot seat and it will remain in there for many years more because of the controversial finding and things about it. It has been associated with helping people have increased appetite. It is even used to clinically to help people who have eating disorders to recover. But then, some new recoveries can show that those assumptions could be a little off.

Researchers have recently broken down the do-believes and discovered two compounds that can increase the amount of energy that the body can burn. This study has only been tested on the animals and the researchers found out that these compounds could help with Type II Diabetes by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood stream and it could also help eradicate some of the fat in some of the important organs.

These helpful compounds we are talking about are cannabidiol and THCV. THCV was found to increase sensitivity to insulin and protect insulin producing cells. These compounds were also discovered to suppress appetite but people who have used marijuana of many years now may object to this finding. They are right to object though because the suppression only lasts for a short period of time.

The two mentioned compounds are the ones found to be potentially beneficial for diabetes and obesity and not pot in general.