Backwoods was first released in the United States in 1973. While it does not have a century-long legacy like other brands, it has already become one of the most trusted choices of blunt smokers. In fact, many canna-connoisseurs claim that few cigars can match the smooth and delicious taste of Backwoods.

Backwood blunts are also fat as can be and take forever to burn. This makes it the perfect choice when planning to smoke with friends, or if you want to enjoy a more leisurely solo session. Sounds like the stuff of dreams?

Here is how you can roll your own Backwood blunt.

Why Backwoods Cigars Are So Popular

Unlike most mass-produced sticks, Backwood cigars do not use paper derived from tobacco pulp. Instead, the wraps contain only 100% all-natural tobacco leaves free of additives. The tobacco is also aged for at least a year before being processed, which helps bring out its rich flavors and natural sweetness. The finished product comes in wide varieties – such as Honey Berry, Vanilla, and Wild Rum – ensuring that there is at least one product that will suit the taste.

The use of raw tobacco leaves also gives Backwoods cigar wraps a much higher nicotine content than other brands. Many cannabis smokers, though, see this as a bonus, declaring that it elevates the toking experience and provides a more powerful buzz. Novice smokers, however, may end up getting dizzy upon taking a hit.

Cannabis Backwood Blunt
Rolling backwood marijuana blunt

Backwoods cigars tend to be more fragile and prone to breakage, but this is not an issue if you are careful. Despite being delicate, it is a breeze to roll. Even beginners can easily fashion a tight blunt in no time. To sweeten the deal, the wraps are delightfully large, which means that you can pack a lot more weed than usual.

While Backwoods tend to be pricier than other brands, you are paying for quality that you can’t get anywhere else.

How To Roll A Backwoods Blunt

Rolling a Backwoods blunt is a breeze. You do not have to grab a sharp razor and slice the cigar into two. Instead, you only have to unravel the wrap by hand, then start adding the flowers. Here are seven easy steps to roll that perfect blunt.

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Step 1: Grind The Weed

Get the stash ready. You will need about two to three grams, or perhaps more. You can use the less desirable buds such as larfs and popcorn buds, or only the top-shelf flowers if you are feeling extra fancy. Alternatively, you can mix both.

Use a cannabis grinder to break down the plant matter into smaller chunks. Ensure that it has a fluffy consistency. Coarsely grinding the weed ensures that it will burn evenly and entirely once lit. Doing so will release the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other precious compounds into the air, which can then be inhaled through the lungs.

Step 2: Unravel The Backwoods Cigar

Examine the Backwoods to find the natural split that divides the cigar lengthwise. After locating the seam, you may notice that one end is more tightly rolled than the other. Slowly unwrap the cigar from that end and make your way to the other side. Be extra careful when unraveling, as the tobacco leaf is fragile and may easily tear. After unwrapping your Backwoods, gently lay it on a flat surface.

Step 3: Remove The Tobacco

Remove all the tobacco on the Backwoods, then discard it. You may also have to carefully scrape out some of it on the leaf. After getting rid of the innards, flatten the cigar leaf.

Does it feel too dry? If so, moisten the wrap to make it easier to work with, as well as to prevent it from getting damaged when you roll. Licking the inside will do the trick. If you are sharing the blunt with a friend (or if you do not want to lick just yet), you can also wet a finger with tap water and smear it all over the leaf. If it still feels shriveled, consider dampening the exterior as well.

Once done, lay the wrap horizontally on a flat surface again.

Step 4: Pack The Backwoods Blunt

Now that the Backwoods is all prepped, you can get packing. If you are planning to use a filter – and it is strongly recommended that you do so – it is time to whip it out. Place it on one end of the wrap.

Hold onto the filter with your thumb, then start sprinkling the cannabis buds on top of the tobacco leaf. Make sure to stuff as much weed as you can. Afterward, spread the herbs across the wrap, distributing it evenly until you form a straight cylinder.

Step 5: Roll The Backwoods Blunt

Rolling the blunt is where things get a bit complicated. As with any skill, it takes practice and a ton of patience to master. That said, do not give up if you mess up during your first time.

Lift the Backwoods using two hands – thumbs in front, and forefingers supporting the blunt from behind. Start by rolling the lower flap of the leaf over the plant material. Press the weed slightly to mold it into the preferred cylindrical shape. You can also use the flat surface to add more pressure when rolling. Make sure to tighten around the filter.

Keep at it until the bud stays tight, and be able to hold its form even without support.

Step 6: Seal The Blunt

Tuck the bottom leaf under the top flap. Start at the filter, then slowly make your way to the other side. Afterward, it is time to dampen the insides of the dangling wrap. Compared to other cigar wraps, Backwoods often require more saliva to keep it fastened. That said, give it a good lick to make it stick – just not to the point that it is slobbering.

Once done, press down the moistened edge to the tucked portion of the blunt to seal it. Proceed slowly. Again, start from the butt (where the filter is).

Once sealed, you may notice some excess Backwoods leaf on the tip (the burning end). You can twist it to seal the stick even further, or cut it off with a pair of scissors to make the blunt look sharp and clean.

Step 7: Blaze Up The Blunt

Wait for the blunt to dry down a bit. To speed up the drying process, you can run a lighter over it quickly. Doing so will also make it more secure. Be careful not to bring the lighter too close, or to let the flames linger for too long. You do not want to burn it yet.

Afterward, admire your beautiful creation. Then, blaze it up and indulge in the much-awaited high.

Backwood Blunts Give Premium Smoking Experience

Blazing up a Backwoods wrapped blunt is a surefire way to a satisfying toking session. Every puff is not only aromatic and flavorful but also packs quite a punch. Not to mention, the stick will also last a long time, allowing you to smoke at your own pace. Best of all, rolling a Backwoods is not at all hard – all you need is patience and a steady hand.

Backwood marijuana blunt
Preparing backwood marijuana blunt