About Goldleaf:

At Goldleaf, our goal to create highly usable, simple and thoughtful supplies for a community that is often overlooked. As long-time cannabis cultivators ourselves, we are motivated by the idea of empowering other growers & cannabis enthusiasts by offering unique and science-forward journals, tools and prints.

About our Grow Journals:

We know the difficulties of taking accurate documentation in the garden. The grow room is no place for a phone or tablet screen. Difficult to see with light frequencies, sensitive to moisture or grimy hands, a pen & paper experience is mandatory. Not to mention, writing down information helps the mind remember, and gives you time to pause and take in the present. Our series of grow journals are designed to help you easily track essential information about your grow operation, allowing you to perfect your process. They feature templated entry pages, a blank feeding schedule, helpful charts and much more. Reference past grows easily, and make informed decisions based on your own unique grow style, strain or environment.

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