Basics on Growing Marijuana Indoors

growing marijuana indoors

Growing Marijuana indoors has now become a trend given the convenience and the numerous benefits it brings. It can be difficult but with the right knowledge, basic tools and the dedication of the grower, it can eventually be a smooth and enjoyable experience. For the first time grower, adjustment and flexibility is required. Take in all the information prior to starting. Without it, growing marijuana indoors will turn out to be costly and stressful.

Just like any other plant, marijuana has a lot of varieties. Reflect on the particular variety that you want to grow and whether you will have them grown from clones or seeds. The first step is to plan everything out in an organized manner. While this can be considered a hobby, great outcome still matters and that can only be done when you are ready and prepared. A well thought-out plan produces promising results and that’s your goal in growing weed indoors. All the elements are vital so take your handy notebook as we go through the basics in growing marijuana indoors.

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Determine where you want to grow your weeds even before you start planting them. You can choose an empty room that you already have in your home or you can have one built solely for them. It all depends on how far you want to go. The basic elements involved are proper temperature, lighting and ventilation.

Proper Temperature

The best temperature for growing marijuana plant indoors is around 25°C. Letting it grow in a temperature that is either too hot or too cold will give you issues. For instance, you may notice that it will grow so slowly. Make sure that your room’s temperature does not exceed 30°C or is not below 20°C.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is equally important. If weed can’t have too much heat or cold, it can’t also have too much air. Proper ventilation prevents appearance of mold and mildew as they grow in settings with humid air. Just like other plants, marijuana needs carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Correct air exposure allows CO2 replenishment. For your plant to have ample supply of fresh air, use carbon filters. This is also important to conceal the characteristic smell of marijuana and to prevent pests in your growing room.

Proper Lighting

Marijuana loves the light. However, there is also a standard when it comes to providing it with ideal lighting. Providing enough light produces excellent yields. It you want your marijuana to have buds that are denser, then you have to make sure that you give them the right amount of light they need. The most basic rule in lighting is having at least 30 watts per square foot of your grow room’s floor space. You can either use HPS lights or LED lights. The latter is more expensive but most people prefer it for its powerful performance in delivering light.

Don’t be discouraged if the experience turns out to be hard for you when you begin. In the long run, you will realize that growing marijuana indoors is as therapeutic as all its other benefits. With proper knowledge, planning and implementation, there is no doubt that this experience will yield favorable results.