What is it about tight blunts that make it so highly sought-after among marijuana smokers?

Well, for one, tightly packed blunts are more structurally stable, allowing it to retain its shape even after being lit. Hence, you do not have to worry that it will fall apart when taking a hit or while passing it around to friends.

Tight blunts also burn more slowly due to the reduced airflow between the plant matter. Hence, it results in even burning, leading to a pleasurable smoking experience.

How To Roll A Tight Blunt

Making a tight blunt is straightforward. It is just a matter of filling the blunt wrap or the tobacco leaf with cannabis flowers, packing and rolling it, then sealing it. On paper, it looks easy, and it really is. For first-timers, it may take a few tries. Do it enough times, and you’d be doing it like a pro.

Cannabis blunt
Rolling a tight marijuana blunt

1. Gather The Supplies

Before getting started, make sure all the materials are ready, so you can work uninterrupted. Here is what you will need:

  • Weed
  • Herb grinder
  • Cigars or blunt wraps
  • Crutch
  • Lighter
  • Tray
  • Pocket knife or blunt splitter (optional)


  • If you plan on using cigars, you will need a sharp pocket knife or a razor blade. You can also use a blunt splitter if you have one. Make sure to have extra sticks, especially if you are just learning how to roll a blunt.
  • If you do not have rolling tips, then prepare an index card or a business card, and a pair of scissors too. You will be making your crutch from scratch.

2. Grind The Buds

Use the cannabis grinder to break down the buds into smaller pieces. Stick to a medium-coarse grind that has a fluffy consistency. Do not crush the plant matter into powdery dust, as it might get past the crutch and into the mouth when taking a hit.

3. Ready The Crutch

The crutch is placed at the tip of the blunt. It serves as a mouthpiece and a filter, preventing ashes and other unwanted bits from entering the mouth and throat. It also ensures that you will not accidentally scorch your lips and fingers when toking. You can either buy or make it.

Option 1: Buy It

RAW is the go-to brand for premium-quality rolling tips. One option is the Original Tips. These are crafted from unrefined natural fibers and already cut into the right size – you just have to roll it as desired. Alternatively, RAW also offers Pre-Rolled Tips, which are ready-to-use. Either way, you will be getting durable papers that can maintain its shape and structure even when dampened.

Option 2: Make It From Scratch

Crutches are easy to make. Just cut an index card into a 1″ x 2″ piece. Hold it horizontally. Start bending a few pleats at the right side to form an or shape, ensuring that each fold is of the same size.

After bending, roll the paper towards the left so that the folds are inside the cylinder. Pinch it slightly. You can also run a lighter flame over the crutch, which will help it retain the structure and hold the pleats in place.

4. Prepare The Blunt Wrap

There are two ways to obtain a blunt wrap – empty a cigar, or buy processed tobacco leaf wraps. Either way works. It is just a matter of preference.

Option 1. Empty A Cigar

A traditional blunt is made by slicing open a cigar or a cigarillo, then removing the tobacco contents. As for the brand, you can never go wrong with Backwoods, Dutch Masters, Swisher, White Owl, and Zig Zag, which many blunt smokers swear by.

Use a small knife to split the upper shell of the stick from end to end. Do this with a slow, steady hand so as not to tear the leaf apart. To make things convenient, you can simply use a blunt splitter. Also, know that some cigars – such as Backwoods – do not need to be sliced open. You just have to locate the natural seam that divides the cigar, then carefully unravel it by hand.

Make sure to get rid of all the tobacco. If the wrap feels dry, lick the insides to wet it. This will make it more comfortable to work with and less likely to get ripped apart as you roll. Once done, lay it on the tray.

Option 2. Buy A Blunt Wrap

Thanks to technology, you can now buy processed tobacco leaf blunt wraps, doing away with the need to cut open and gut a cigar. These are not only ready-to-use but also easy to roll and come in various delicious flavors. Most of the brands mentioned above also carry blunt wraps. Some might feel a bit too moist once you take it out of the pack. If so, let it dry out for a couple of hours before using it.

5. Pack The Blunt

Place the crutch on one end. Hold it with your thumb as you carefully pack the ground herbs into the tobacco leaf. Stuff as much plant matter as you can for you to roll a nice fat and tight blunt later on. If the blunt is under-loaded, it will not only be hard to seal but be structurally unsound as well. In other words, it will most likely collapse once blazed up.

On the other end of the spectrum, do not pack it too tightly, as it will make the blunt difficult to draw from. You just want it to be tight enough to stay rolled.

Distribute the buds evenly across the wrap by prodding it with your finger. Some users also prefer to load up the center of the blunt a bit more thickly than the rest, then to apply slight pressure on each end. This will even out later on once you are rolling.

6. Roll The Blunt

There are two primary ways to roll a tight blunt. Both methods work. Again, it just comes down to preference.

  • Method One. Pick up the blunt wrapper using two hands. Keep the two thumbs in front – or right above the plant material. Use it to roll the blunt back and forth, with the forefingers pressing down the weed from behind. This does not only roll the blunt into the desired shape but keeps it tight as well.
  • Method Two. Lift the blunt using two hands. Again, keep the thumbs over the herbs, with the forefingers supporting it from behind. Begin tucking the bottom flap of the tobacco wrap under the top one. Start from the butt (where the crutch is), then slowly make your way to the tip (the side you will ignite later on). Add some extra pressure near the crutch, since this is where the blunt has to be the tightest

7. Seal The Blunt

After rolling the blunt, it is time to seal it. If you did the first rolling method, begin by tucking the bottom part of the wrap under the top one. Do this from the butt to the tip. Then, lick the insides of the dangling wrap. Meanwhile, if you did the second method, then dampen the insides of the top flap.

In both cases, make sure to give the wrap a good licking to keep it sufficiently moistened. Take care not to make it a slobbering mess, however. After that, simply press the wet strip over the tucked part of the blunt.

8. Let It Dry

You are almost there – you just have to wait for the blunt to dry down. You can “bake” it or run a lighter flame lengthwise over the whole stick – especially around the seam – to accelerate the drying process. Doing so will also strengthen the seal and promote a more uniform burning later on. Make sure not to hold the lighter too close, or to let it linger over the wrap for too long. You do not want to blaze up the blunt just yet.

9. Light It Up

What else are you waiting for? Light up your beautiful creation, take a hit and enjoy the much-anticipated mind-altering high.

An Easy Way To Roll A Tight Blunt

Rolling a tight blunt might sound complicated – and something only seasoned blunt rollers can pull off. It does not have to be so. In fact, even beginners can do it successfully. It is just a matter of being patient and practicing as much as you can. Ultimately, it comes down to packing the right amount of weed and honing the rolling, tucking, and sealing techniques.

Cannabis Joint
Proper way of rolling a tight blunt

Keep at it, and it will not be long before you can roll a blunt that will make your friends green with envy.