Kief is prized for its purity and sky-high potency. While it resembles powder, it’s actually a sticky, crystallized substance found naturally in marijuana buds. Generally, kief boasts about 50 percent more THC than the rest of the plant, making it highly coveted among potheads and pharmaceutical companies alike. In other words, when consumed by itself, you can expect psychoactive effects unlike any other.

Wondering how to toke up and enjoy this super-potent weed product? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to smoke kief without weed for an unparalleled high.

How to Smoke Kief Without Weed

Kief – also called dry sift and pollen – is an ultra-concentrated cannabis product. It refers to the tiny, sticky crystalline structures coating the buds and leaves of marijuana plants. In case you don’t know, these crystals are the trichomes or resin glands, which house the highest levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable compounds.

The resinous trichomes either accumulate in containers or are sifted from the dried buds with a mesh screen or sieve. Alternatively, you can also use a weed grinder with a kief collector to obtain the fine-grained pollen. The last approach is, without a doubt, the most common among stoners.

Cannabis kief in grinder
Marijuana kief in a grinder

Kief can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, it’s a primary component of moonrock weed. You can also elevate the toking experience by sprinkling in top of the raw flowers before blazing up – or by adding it to edibles. And if you have enough kief to spare, feel free to use it by itself for an out-of-this-world high.

Whatever method you end up going for, remember that kief is exceptionally potent. So, go low and slow. Otherwise, you’ll only be signing yourself up for a bad trip.

1. Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint is perhaps the most common way to use kief. While a straightforward process, it can be messy due to the product’s chalky, powdery consistency. Ideally, you should sandwich the dry sift between some ganja before wrapping everything up. Adding some bud makes the mixture much easier to pack snugly and securely.

Weed joint
Man preparing and rolling marijuana joint

If you don’t have any weed available, then just be extra careful when packing it into the jay. The last thing you want is to waste that precious kief.

Note: Don’t treat kief like your regular marijuana buds. Make sure to use it in moderation to avoid overwhelming yourself. Unfortunately, due to the product’s potency, it may take some trial and error before you figure out the appropriate amount to use.

2. Smoke a Pipe

Don’t want to hassle yourself with rolling a joint? Well, smoke a pipe instead. For sure, it’s a more appropriate, less complicated method if you don’t have some raw flowers on hand. To make things even better, use a one-hitter pipe. As the name indicates, this type of pipe can only hold enough plant matter for a single hit. So, if you use it, you’re less likely to overpack.

Weed Pipe
A woman using pipe for smoking cannabis

As always, remember that kief can be intense, so a little definitely goes a long way with it. So, if your pipe has a larger bowl, it’s important to pack it modestly.

Note: Unlike dried marijuana flowers, kief doesn’t stop burning. Instead, it can remain alight and smoldering until it’s fully burned. So, be attentive and keep toking away. Otherwise, your pollen will be gone before you even know it.

3. Vape It

Who says you can only smoke kief? This may sound surprising, but it also smells and tastes heavenly when vaped. It rings especially true if you use a high-quality dry herb vaporizer, such as the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer. Trust us; you’ll never go wrong with it. The Online Dispensary in Canada is a place where you can buy an affordable disposable THC vape pen. Try it out if you live in the same country!

There are two ways to go about it. As with smoking, you can also sandwich the kief in between ground-up weed while you’re packing your chamber. Alternatively, consider turning your kief into a liquid infusion, which can then be used with your vape. The latter, of course, is better suited for a weed-free smoking session.

To whip up some kief e-liquid, you’ll need vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are easily accessible online. Other required materials include a coffee filter, cooking pot, metal or glass bowl, and some syringes.

Smoking using Vape Pen
A man smoke using Vape Pen

Start by filling your pot with water. Place a bowl on top of it to create a makeshift double boiler. Add a 1:1 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol ratio to your boiler setup. Then, toss in the kief to the blend. Turn up the heat to a boil. Wait until the concoction melts and forms a thick yet smooth consistency.

After achieving the desired texture, pour the mixture into a coffee filter over a cup to sieve out the solid bits. Let the infusion cool down – but not to the point that it will start congealing. Afterward, use a syringe to load the kief e-liquid into your cartridge. Enjoy.

Note: If you plan on vaping kief as it is (not as an infusion), know that it can make your vaporizer much dirtier than usual. Being finely-grained, after all, means that it’s more likely to get into the nook and crannies of the device. So, make sure to clean your vape well after the toking sesh.

4. Press It Into Hash

Pressing your pollen into hash is among the most versatile option of the bunch. As you may already know, hash is a concentrated form of weed. It’s made by extracting the kief trichomes from the plant, then transforming the collected material into a compact resin or oil. What we’re concerned with is pressing the pollen into a block or ball of hard resin. The final product is also referred to as dry sift hash.

Marijuana hash and leaf
Cannabis hash and leaf

To make some hash brick, you’ll need a piece of parchment paper or an iron. You can also use a hair straightener in place of a clothes iron. Start by folding the parchment paper into two. Carefully place the kief inside so that it’s sandwiched in between the two sheets. Next, put the parchment paper on a flat board, then start ironing it. Alternatively, you can simply press the folded paper between the hot plates of the hair straightener.

In both cases, make sure not to hold for too long. Otherwise, the paper may start burning. Just keep at it until the kief compresses into a solid block and begins heating slightly. Smoke the dry sift hash using your preferred method. Enjoy.

Smoke Kief for Intense, Mind-Spinning Hits

Kief is a highly valuable marijuana product. And if you regularly grind your nugs, you’ll eventually have way too much pollen accumulating at the bottom of your grinder. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to put them to good use. For instance, you can mix it with your regular flowers when rolling doobies or preparing edibles. Or, you could take things to another level and toke kief by itself.

Here’s the thing. If you’re not used to smoke kief, then it can be challenging at first. For one, the ultra-fine, powdery consistency can make the product hard to work with. Not to mention, it can be incredibly messy, too. Furthermore, its potency is also a far cry from what regular flowers have. So, you’ll have to dose carefully. Finally, when taking a hit, be extra gentle, and don’t pull too hard. Otherwise, you may experience coughing and throat irritation. But really, don’t stress too much over it. With practice, you should get the hang of it in no time.