The marijuana strains are essentially made up of 2 main types which is the cannabis Indica and cannabis sativa.

It was accepted that the origin of the cannabis Indica came from the hash-making countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco or even Tibet. According to the Hash Museum, a botanist from Europe known as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck first published a description of this newly discovered variety in India which dated way back in 1785. This is where the prefix “indi” of Indica came from.

Jean described the Indica strains as something that has a darker green appearance than the sativa variety with fatter, shorter leaves and wide blades.

How To Identify A Cannabis Indica

The sativa variety is well-known to grow tall and lanky. The Indica, on the other hand, only grows short and stout in composure and produces less yield yet it has more potent flowers than the cannabis sativa.

Because of its short nature, this is what growers would normally consider if they are planning to breed marijuana indoors. This plant flowers typically somewhere around 8 to 12 weeks and produces dense, sticky nugs that grow in clusters and surrounds the nodes of the plant.

Indica Strain
Marijuana Indica Strain

The smells and flavor that the Indica usually has is skunk, pine, hash, earth or a sugary and sweet fruit flavor. Among the common Terpenes in the strains of Indica is the alpha-pinene which is an organic compound, commonly found in the oils of sage and rosemary, as well as the many other species of the pine trees.

Pinene is capable of providing the user with an increased mental focus & energy and has been used for several years already in traditional medicine to restore and retain memory. It can also work as a bronchodilator, expectorant and a tropical antiseptic. This Indica strain is also found in several OG strains and the other ones that have Afghani genetics.

Effects Of Consuming Cannabis Indica Strains

While the sativa is well-known of providing a euphoric, uplifting high, the Indica is famous for providing pain relief and muscle relaxation along with heavy sedative effects that is similar to the general analgesics. The reason why it affects the user that way is due to the fact that this strain has higher cannabidiol (CBD) levels than the sativa variety.

Medical Benefits Of The Cannabis Indica Strains

With the higher levels of CBD, the Indica is recommended for patients that are looking forward to treat their symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, appetite stimulation, nausea and sleep deprivation.

Individuals who are suffering from diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, lupus and insomnia can also benefit a lot from the effects of this strain. Cancer patients are the ones that can benefit the most from the pain & nausea relief because of their experience from undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Most commercially available Indica strains have been bred for their high THC levels for the past 30 years. This resulted in CBD being almost bred completely out of the plant. However, this trend is currently going through the reversal process by many growers who focus on CBD-rich strains for their benefits instead of seeking a high from the sticky THC-covered strains.