After reading this article and going through the recipes that I have in here, you are going to realize that marijuana is not only for bongs, joints, pipes or for marijuana edibles. Cannabis can also be a good thirst quenchers. Don’t believe me? Better take a look and try making the following drink recipes.

Cannabis Watermelon Juice

To make this very delicious drink, you are going to need a seedless watermelon, a small-sized one will do, half cup of distilled water, ¼ a cup of sugar, one juiced lemon, about six mint leaves and four tablespoons of marijuana tincture. You should also prepare your blender or juicer, strainer or sieve and a pitcher or a jug.

Watermelon Juice
Marijuana watermelon drink

First, you will have to gut the watermelon and remove all of the fruit from its skin. Slice the watermelon into small cubes before you put it into the blender. Next, you have to add the water, the lemon juice and the sugar into the blender with the watermelon. Blend the mixture for about thirty seconds to one full minute or just up until when you think everything is well blended.

Next, you have to filter the watermelon through a sieve or a strainer, then put the juice into the pitcher and discard the pulp. It does not end there, you still have to stir in the marijuana tincture and the mint leaves before you put the weed watermelon juice into the refrigerator to make sure that it is cold or you can drink it immediately, just add ice into the juice for it to be cool.

Mary Jane’s Iced Chai Tea

Are you a fan of tea? If you are, then you are going to enjoy making and drinking this cannabis infused ice cold drink. First, you have to prepare about ten chai tea bags (no kidding!), next get four cups of water ready, also make sure that you have about two cups of marijuana milk with you because you are going to need that, marijuana almond milk is also okay. You should also have about a half cup of cannabis honey and some ice.

Marijuana Tea
Marijuana tea drink

To make this very yummy cannabis thirst quenchers, you need to get a saucepan and put it to heat, boil the water into the saucepan then add the chai tea bags in it. Boil the tea for about two minutes. After that, you can now get the saucepan from the heat, allow the tea to cool by just setting it aside for about five minutes. When the tea is no longer that hot, get the tea bags then you can squeeze the bags gently to get the extra tea out.

Next, you can add in the cannabis milk and the cannahoney into the tea. Transfer the mixture to a jug or a pitcher then put it into the refrigerator and leave it there for at least an hour to chill. If you are going to serve the chai tea, serve it with some ice cubes.

Drink up and enjoy!