Pick Your Bong

Marijuana bong is one of the marijuana accessories in smoking that used by a lot of people. This is not only because there are lots of bongs and they come in different styles and fun-looking designs but also because many believe that it is safer to use a bong when smoking weed than rolling a joint.

This is because some studies claim that the water that is in the bong can filter some of the harmful substances in the marijuana smoke, therefore making the smoke smoother and better for your lungs.

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But aside from all bongs with the fun styles and design that you can choose from, there are also different types of bongs. There are bongs which are made from different kinds of materials, like glass, ceramic, acrylic and even wood. There are also bongs that work in different ways.

Find out which among these bong types suit you best.

Mini Bong

If you are always busy running around town or hopping from one place to another and you feel like a regular size bong does not seem right for you, then the mini bong may be what you need. It is easy to grab, very handy and easy to pack whenever you have to hit the road. It comes with all the benefits a water pipe or a bong can give you but in a a small or mini version.

Gravity Bong

As the name suggests, this type of bong uses the power of gravity for it to work rather using force. When using this type of bong, you will have to put most part of it under water before you light it. Once you light it up, you need to raise the device slowly and with care. You will then notice that the smoke will start filling it in and then you can now put your lips around the water pipe. What you have to do next is to slowly submerge it again into the water for the water to be pushed into your lungs. Whew! It may just sound complicated but once you start doing it, it will surely get easier every time.

Percolator Bong

This is the kind of bong that a health conscious marijuana lover would use. Why is that? Because it is said that this type of bong “cleans” the marijuana smoke before it allows it to enter your lungs. How thoughtful, right? The percolator bong turns the smoke into smaller pieces so that it can filter it easily and make it a lot smoother when entering your lungs, therefore causing less irritation in your lungs’ lining.

Ice Bong

If you want to experience smoking a cold smoke, then you have to get yourself an ice bong. It really does sound interesting right? It has notches attached to its stem which has the special work of holding the ice but can still allow the smoke to pass right through it without hassle. This is the perfect kind of bong to use during hot days.

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