Marijuana is booming these days! Not only does it tickle and amaze the curious minds of people, it can also be one of the best businesses you can get into these days. With a lot of states in America and a lot of other countries around the world starting to legalize both its medical and recreational use, a lot of doors and windows for marijuana lovers and businessmen are opening.

But in the field of marijuana business, you also have to keep up to date or better yet, you have to be ahead of your other competitors. This you can accomplish by being more creative than them. One of the things you might want to look into is the marijuana beer. Beer and weed are one of the things most men are addicted with, just imagine combining them into one very cool product.

However, as exciting as the thought may be, marijuana beer is not a very original idea. A lot of marijuana and beer lovers have tried making some of home brewed marijuana beer for quite some time. Some are even concerned whether you can really get high with cannabis and hops used in the beer combined, those two are relatives but we’ll never know what might happen when they get together.

Here are some of the marijuana beer concoctions that marijuana aficionados have tried making before and now.

Brain Death

This marijuana infused beer came into existence in the year of 1980. Brain Death was created by home brewers and beer judges, there were two of them actually and they preferred to remain unnamed for apparent reasons. Brain Death was a potent barley wine with dried marijuana flowers that was exclusively from female cannabis plants.

Marijuana Beer
Marijuana beer poured in a glass

People who had the pleasure of having a taste of Brain Death described it as a pretty dry barley wine but with good residual sugars and the reports said that it was pretty potent for a marijuana beer. Those brewers sure know what they were doing. A lot of people tried to do what they have done but cannot quite get the taste and the effects they wanted from marijuana and their marijuana beer was unsuccessful.

But where is Brain Death now? Well, who knows? It was in the 1980s when Brain Death became popular and marijuana was one of the controlled substance and you can have a fine of at least a thousand dollars when caught with pot so that might give us and idea where this marijuana beer went.

Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer

The legalization of marijuana in many places has really given an opportunity for marijuana beer to come into existence so just this November 2014, it was not really surprising when a dispensary in Washington was busted because they were allegedly selling “Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer”. There wouldn’t have been a problem if it just ended there but they were selling these beers to minors without a license.

marijuana beer
Different kinds of marijuana beer

That Washington Dispensary could have done it the right way so that more people can enjoy that marijuana beer. Not long from now, marijuana beer would surely invade and cause a stir in the market.