There can be a lot of methods for brewing beer with marijuana and sometimes it doesn’t maintain marijuana’s punch for it sometimes loses its potency. You get drunk but that’s not what you only want. Aiming for that high and drunk feeling. You should probably try adding green dragon extract to your mixture and everything will make sense.

Instead of adding marijuana to the wort, it must be soaked in a high spirited alcohol like vodka to make an extract called “green dragon”. This tincture is added to the beer at the end of the brewing process, before the priming or the conditioning stage.

The conditioning stage usually involves a priming solution which consists of sugar and water which is then poured to the wort. When using this method of creating a marijuana beer, it is best to add the green dragon extract with the sugar and water first before mixing it all together with the wort. Be very careful when adding your mixture to the wort. You must stir smoothly and avoid splashing or any big movement – too much movement in brewing as fermentation is complete can cause oxidation. Once the mixture has been gradually stirred, it will be left for a week to allow carbonation to occur.

Beer marijuana
Beer with marijuana

It is recommendable making your green dragon extract as close as possible as your time of brewing because storing it for a longer period of time destroys its potency and your marijuana beer will just be very bitter and your hard work will just put to waste.

Although many believe that in releasing marijuana’s ethanol tinctures, it should be left for over a month or so to obtain all of its cannabinoids. This will only get the plant’s chlorophyll and tars, and you don’t need that. A quick wash is just enough, wherein the marijuana is only allowed to be soaked in the alcohol within thirty minutes before being drained and separated.

The alcohol will be heated until it reaches a gooey consistency. Avoid having your alcohol to fully evaporate because your green dragon extract will only mix more with the brew easily when it is still in liquid form.

Having the right amount of green dragon extract can be very tricky. Too much alcohol added on the wort can cause the yeast to die and its conditioning process will be affected. In some species of wild yeast, it begins to die when the whole alcohol content of the wort is as low as 5% but with Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a species of yeast that is commonly used for brewing, it can sustain alcohol content as high as 17%. As long as you pay attention with the amount of extract you’re adding, you can avoid reaching high alcohol content in your brew.

Beer with weed
Beer infused with marijuana

Typically, it is best to have 0.05g of marijuana per bottle of beer to ensure of having a kick of being high and drunk at the same time.

For beginners and those wanting to have clear ideas of home-brewing, the simplest method involves buying a basic home-brew kit and following the instruction. Then add dried cannabis flowers one week before bottling. Once it’s all done, you can enjoy your very own marijuana beer.

Drink up!