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Black Velvet possesses a name that suggests both its dark façade and sugary, dessert-like flavor. It is the offspring of the dusky Indica Black and the sweet-smelling Burmese Kush. With a 50/50 Indica to Sativa ratio, the well-balanced hybrid offers a potent mental buzz and deep physical relaxation like no other.

Key Features

OriginIndica Black
 Burmese Kush
Indica to Sativa Ratio50/50
Flowering Period8 to 10 weeks
Yield57 to 85 g/2-gallon pot
Growing DifficultyEasy


Black Velvet blooms dense buds of green, dark purple, and black shades. These colors can be linked to its Indica Black parent which exhibits similar hues. The strain’s deep shades are beautifully counteracted with an orange burst of hairy pistils, streaming along the attractively-tinted calyxes. These are also blanketed with succulent and sticky trichomes, which makes it quite difficult to roll in a joint.

While still on the plant, the colas are thick and firm. Meanwhile, it becomes virtually solid after the post-harvest processes of drying and curing.

Fragrance and Flavor

Upon the first sniff, Black Velvet’s berry and citrus aromas flow straight into the nostrils. This fruitiness is largely credited to its fragrant Sativa parent, Burmese Kush. When pinched, the buds release piney notes along with the sweet and floral fragrances. The taste, whether smoked or made into edibles, is also similarly enriched with fruity, floral, and zesty flavors with a trace of skunk. 


Apart from its unmistakable dark hues, Black Velvet is also known for its equally delightful recreational and medicinal effects.


Black Velvet gifts the consumers with a balanced cerebral boost and physically relaxing euphoria. The mental influence spurs on quickly and lasts in an extended period. It also transports the user into a purely blissful dimension, with a perked-up mood full of genuine smiles and giggles. Moreover, it improves focus and creativity, which is ideal for studying, working, or performing detail-oriented activities.

However, once the body enters into the zen zone, this sense of motivation and productivity crumbles to dust. The hybrid’s Indica profile along with its THC content arouse a sluggish feeling and sleepiness, which surmount the energizing power of its Sativa lineage. It also sweeps away mental inhibitions which permits a clear state of mind.

With a THC concentration of 15-20%, Black Velvet is classified as a strain with a moderate punch. Nonetheless, the hybrid is more recommended for intermediate and seasoned consumers. Most high-tolerance smokers find the strain great for the mornings as it boosts the mood and helps with focus. On the other hand, novices and low-tolerance users usually get overwhelmed, disabling them to function properly.

Despite this, newbies may still enjoy the strain at a lower dose and preferably at night. It is also a fine pick for lazy days when there are no important tasks that need to be done.


Owing to its mood-boosting property and capacity to offer a sense of calm, Black Velvet is an effective remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also a valued variety for patients dealing with chronic pain as it is an excellent analgesic. People with reduced appetite due to certain diseases may also benefit from the strain’s ability to induce hunger.

At slightly higher doses, insomniacs will also find comfort in Black Velvet with its gentle that smoke lulls the worry-filled mind into a restful slumber. However, don’t forget to chomp on some satisfying meal before going to bed as it does stir up an intense case of the munchies.

Since it does lack CBD, users won’t find this favorable for treating CBD-specific target diseases such as epilepsy. Similar to other cannabis variants, Black Velvet may also result in itchy and dry eyes and cottonmouth. Occasionally, it may also cause mild paranoia.

Growing Information

Newbie growers should be pleased to know that Black Velvet is an easy variant to cultivate whether indoors or outdoors. The crop reaches up to 36 inches tall, which is a fairly average height. Hence, it does not take too much vertical space indoors. Considering its Indica profile, it also stretches and blooms densely-packed buds a bit faster than average.

Moreover, it is not susceptible to molds or plant pathogens. It is also a hardy cultivar that flourishes easily without requiring too much attention. However, its large colas require extra care throughout the growing process.

Adding to its breeding convenience, Black Velvet also develops lesser side branches. This means that apart from the little upright space requirement, it can also be grown in more confined spaces. It can even be planted close to each other, as opposed to most strains. However, during the budding phase, it needs to be supported with nets or bamboos as its stem is not sturdy enough on its own.

After a not-too-long flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, Black Velvet yields an average amount of 57 to 85 grams of luscious buds for every 2-gallon pot.

Black Velvet Strain

In a vast ocean of cannabis varieties, Black Velvet is easily distinguished by its fiercely dark shade and its rich, fruity flavor and aroma. The perfectly-balanced experience (which Black Velvet is most known for) also make it well-favored by rookies and veterans alike.

While its potency is not on par with most strains in the market today, smoking Black Velvet fills two needs with one deed. As such, it is beneficial for both the mind and body. Depending on the dose, it can also either be a day-time option with its energy-giving property or a night-time buddy due to its soothing effects. 

Moreover, rearing the plant only entails basic growing skills and a little need for maintenance. Consequently, there is a high percentage of success for anyone (even beginners) who desires to cultivate the variant. Its only minor setback is perhaps its not so abundant yield. Nevertheless, with the combination of all Black Velvet’s top-notch features, it is no wonder why it ranks among the top favorites of many consumers up until this day.

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Black Velvet possesses a name that suggests both its dark façade and sugary, dessert-like flavor. It is the offspring of …

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