Marijuana butter, magical butter, butterjuana or commonly called cannabutter, is a butter-based mixture infused with cannabinoids. Cannabinoids would not be activated without using heat, especially THC which is fat soluble. Since THC is gently cooked for a period of time with butter, its effect is more potent compared to just burning it. Those who are under medical marijuana treatment prefer using cannabutter as a means of intake.

Why Buy When You Can DIY?

In making marijuana butter, it is not advisable to produce a weak cannabutter – you will feel fooled and ripped-off once you try your weak butterjuana. It’s actually easy and quick to make, and also functional, plus it could be used on different recipes.

The ingredients you will need are 1/4 ounce cannabis buds, finely ground and 1/2 cup (one stick) salted butter (it is good to use salted butter because it has a higher smoke point). This measurement could produce ½ cup of cannabutter. You could adjust the amount of buds if you want an even stronger mixture.

DIY Weed Butter
DIY Marijuana Butter

For the equipment you would need a grinder, medium saucepan, wooden ladle, spoon, metal strainer and container (with a tight fitting lid).

The first step is to finely grind your marijuana, finer than the ones you use in smoking (preferably in powder form), then slowly melt the butter in your pan in low heat (use low heat so you won’t burn the butter and break the THC particles when you are cooking it). Next, add the ground buds to the melted butter a little bit at a time and stir in between, then simmer it in low heat for 45 minutes while stirring it from time to time. When the butter is cooked and THC is activated, you can strain your butter and pour it in a container. Do not forget to press the filtered buds with spoon in order to release the remaining mixture. Voila! You now have your own weed butter in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Put That Good Butter In Use

Now that you have made your own magical butter, you could now use it to cook your favorite gourmet or indulge yourself in these easy-to-do treats ganjasized with your own made butter.

Delightful Topping

Spread it on top of your tasty toast and enjoy the double yum. If you are a sweet tooth, you could use this on your cupcake frostings or as an icing on your muffins. Making it is so easy, so no stress in using it. Spreading and topping it on baked and toasted products is the easiest among the easy ways to use cannabutter.

Morning Delights

Starting your morning with weed butter is one of the most relaxing ways to get through the day. Drench your pancakes with cannabutter or melt it and mix it on your syrup, that’s a champ breakfast you got there.

Potato Frenzy

Whether you like your potatoes fried, mashed or baked; a drizzle of cannabutter would make it “high”ly mouthwatering and irresistible.

Booze POTcorn

Make movie marathons a partner of your marijuana sessions, use you cannabutter as your popcorn coating. Pop it and enjoy!

Ganja Bakes

Baking cupcakes, muffins, cookies or cakes needs a lot of butter, substitute your regular butter with your home-made butterjuana and enjoy your delicious sweets that would surely soothe your senses.

If you think all of this is not that easy enough, you can just grab a spoon and enjoy your spoonful of weed butter!