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Literally means ‘Haze’ in sativa terms, Kush supposedly refers to the entire set of cannabis plant varieties. The use of this term has changed today, however. It is now used to describe the plant that originated in the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountain region, called Hindu Kush.


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Plant Features

The original Kush has now been genetically developed to come up with one feminized seed only. This new cannabis variety is referred to as ‘special kush’ and over the years, more and more sub-varieties have been developed by crafty cultivators in different parts of the world. One main reason why such innovations were made is to come up with a Kush variety that is considerably affordable, and so this cannabis strain is certainly a great choice for low-budgeted growers. This plant can grow as tall as 3 meters, and it can fill up any available space and that’s why it requires extra attention to avoid its overgrowth, especially when it is cultivated indoors. Its buds are small and tight nuggets with a frosty feel.


Growth and Yielding

The flowering stage for Special Kush takes around 7 to 8 weeks. There must be a warm environment and enough sun, such as that found in North Africa and Italy, when grown outdoors. It also requires proper feeding and watering in order to yield as much as 65g to 150g per plant or around 400g per square meter with 600w lighting.


Smoking Effects

When smoked, a hash-like taste is experienced from this cannabis strain. Many consumers also feel a full body stone effect from its frosty aroma. The effects may not be as intense as those with strong cannabis genetics, but this type of marijuana is definitely the ideal choice for great smoking pleasure and satisfying head-high feeling out of low budget. Special Kush seeds can be purchased for only €8.50 per 3-seed pack.

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