Fans of this marijuana seed variety should be thankful to the arrival of Amnesia Haze seeds to Holland where a number of hybrids were generated. Basically, the Amnesia Haze is among these hybrids that have old-school haze-derived male seeds. It is popularly known as one of the best varieties of marijuana to be smoked and it is sold at a prize of €27 for 3 seeds.

Plant Features

At a height of at least one meter, the amnesia haze plant is alright for outdoor growing. However, it essentially needs to be grown under warm weather conditions such as those of North Africa, California and Australia. Some cultivators prefer to let it grow and develop in a greenhouse in order to lessen the problem with its long flower period. This plant is also adaptive to hydro cultivation.

Growth and Yielding

In typical cases, the Amnesia Haze can yield 70g to 80g per plant, which is approximately equal to 600g per square meter. This is under a 600W lighting condition. As one of the best yielding strains of cannabis, the flowering time most likely take at least 12 weeks with 2 additional weeks for drying and curing. This plant normally grows bigger and yields more when grown outside under 100% sun condition. It would require extra care, though, in order to prevent problems with bugs and harsh weather to affect the growth and yielding.

Smoking Effects

Smokers describe the effect of the Amnesia Haze as absolute psychedelic head high, making them fully satisfied with just a few hits. In other words, this cannabis strain is very strong for smoking. If taken at excess amounts, it can even shut down your brain so you would start forgetting about different things, even your name. As the name suggests, you would end up experiencing an amnesia effect when you smoke it.

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