There are so many ways you can ingest weed – you can smoke it, inhale it, mix it food or you can use a marijuana bong. Using a bong or a water pipe is one great way of smoking marijuana because they say that a bong can trap harmful toxins so the user is exposed less to its harmful substances and when you use a marijuana bong, you are able to save weed because you can put it out after smoking.

There are different types of bongs available in the market today that avid marijuana users are so fond of using. So what are these types of bongs?

Mini Bongs

The greatest thing about the mini bong is its size which makes it very easy for the user to carry around and it has all of the benefits of a water bong. Another good thing about this type of bong is that it is cheaper but it will give you the same quality or power of a “normal” sized nong. This is great for people who are not comfortable, can’t get used or cannot quite handle a usual-sized bong all by themselves

Mini bong
Mini bong for marijuana

Percolator Bongs

This is the type of bongs you should use if you are concerned with the possible effects of marijuana. This water pipe “detoxicates” the smoke of weed before it is allowed to reach your lungs. The Percolator bong breaks the marijuana smoke into smaller bits so that it can be “cleaned” or filtered at a much faster and at a higher rate than when using a regular bong.

Ice Bongs

This type of bong has “special” notches made which are built directly to the stem. It allows air to pass through it with such ease while still holding the ice. By filling the stem with ice, it is able to form a cold tunnel where your smoke will pass through before it reaches the lungs. This feature allows the smoke to cool so it will be easier, safer and smoother to introduce to your body. Another benefit of using an ice bong is that it allows most of the users to inhale and to hold and extra amount of smoke.

Gravity Bongs

The gravity bongs is the kind of water pipe that make use of a natural force, gravity, to fill up the chamber. When using this type of bongs, the user has to submerge most of the body of the bongs on water before they light the blow. After lighting it, the user has to raise the water pipe slowly from the water, allowing it to fill with smoke.

Marijuana bong
Clean reusable bong pipe for marijuana

When the device is almost removed from the water completely, you have to remove the bowl and to place your lips around the opening, the bong will be pushed back to the water and all the smoke will now enter the user’s lungs at a faster rate.

Bongs are also made out of different kinds of materials; these can be made with ceramic, glass, acrylic and even wood. Taking a hit from a bong is surely one fun way of enjoying weed when you know which type works best for you.