How To Make Cannabis Cream and Ice Cream

Between smoking and eating marijuana, eating has been many people’s choice of a fun way to ingest it. Cannabis has been through a lot of stuff, historically speaking. It is just a simple plant but it has gone through ups and downs. It has become very popular but it also had its fair share of controversy and scandals.

But out of all that’s been made out of marijuana, one of the greatest things weed fanatics have made is the cannabis edibles. It doesn’t only provide an acceptable and more fun way to have your dose of cannabis, it is also very fun to make. And today’s menu for cannabis edibles are weed cream and ice cream!

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The Cannabis Cream

What you are going to need to make one and a half cup of your cannabis cream are two cups of heavy cream and five to ten grams of cannabis that has already been broken down.

First, take a medium saucepan and combine the marijuana and heavy cream. Cook the mixture at just below of a simmer for about an hour. After 1 hour, strain it using a cheesecloth or a fine mesh will do. If a lot from the mixture has evaporated, you can add some of the non-infused cream just until you have 1 ½ cup. Mix it up using a blender for about thirty 30. Chill it until it’s ready to eat.

Basic Cannabis Ice Cream

On a simmering hot day, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a refreshing cool from an ice cream? If you think you’re too old for regular ice cream, try making cannabis ice cream!

This recipe is for a plain white cannabis ice cream base. You can add flavor by steeping the milk with herbs or vanilla before you mix it with the weed cream.

For about 3 quarts of cannabis ice cream, you will need a cup of sugar, 4 cups of milk, ¾ cups of dry milk powder, 3 and a half tbsp. of honey, 3 large eggs, one tsp. xanthium gum and a half tsp. of kosher salt.

Now you have to heat that marijuana cream you just made with milk until it simmers in a medium saucepan. Turn the heat off and add the remaining ingredients but the eggs and the salt. Whisk it to dissolve the sugar and milk powder and if the gum does not totally dissolve that’s fine.

Using another bowl, you whisk the eggs until it becomes frothy and temper it with a little of the hot cream mixture. Pour it all back to the saucepan and turn the heat back to low and bring the mixture up to about 173 degrees. Always stir the bottom of the pan.

Take it off from heat and add the salt. After that, blend the mixture using the blender’s low setting for a minute then strain using a fine sieve into a good container. Put the container in an ice bath and leave it to chill completely. Add maple syrup or honey to sweeten it and you can also squeeze some lemon for a better flavor.

Once you’re done cooking these cool and delish cannabis edibles, take a bite and enjoy!