For some heavy marijuana users, smoking is sometimes the least enjoyable way of consuming the drug. In some cases, these users would often find a way to consume marijuana which will surely make the experience unique.

If you are looking for a new kind of thrill in using marijuana then the best way to do it is through eating. To cook and bake foods that contain marijuana and THC, you need to use edible marijuana recipes so that you will know the right amount of ingredients to use in order to achieve the satisfying kind of high when you eat them. The first thing that you need to know is how to create weed butter or cannabutter. This marijuana butter or cannabutter is a butter that has been melted and they are mixed with extracted THC glands from marijuana buds or cannabis plant trimmings.

Marijuana vanilla ice cream
Plain vanilla marijuana infused ice cream

Cooking Marijuana Recipes

You should know that marijuana is oil-based. This is very important if ever you plan on cooking with cannabis. THC is well-known to be compound in marijuana that provides the psychoactive effects and they are contained in the capitate glands that are covering the leaves but the marijuana buds or flowers are the ones that contain a lot of THC. When you cook or bake marijuana, it would be best to go for oil-based products such as vegetable oil or butter because they are the ones effective in dissolving the capitate glands and in releasing the THC.

If you want to use the marijuana plant for cooking then you could do it by making a cannabutter or to make flour. As for a beverage, you will best achieve it if you make a marijuana alcohol because this refreshment will surely help you chill during hot times and give the effects that you love about the plant. No matter which one you choose, making marijuana induced foods requires that you use the leaves of the plant and clippings or use the finished bud of marijuana wherein it is considered to be the most potent way of creating the weed butter or cannabutter.

Baking Cake Brownies and Desserts Using Marijuana

If you are baking desserts or snacks such as cakes, brownies, cookies, candies or anything that you can think of eating while getting high, you need some practice and a significant amount of knowledge because each recipe will be different from the other one since the THC levels will always vary depending on the marijuana strain you will use. No worries though for most marijuana-induced recipes are very friendly and they can be easily made at home. Probably the most common and delightful marijuana recipes to make are weed brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cannabombs as well as baked breads like the ‘Honey, I’m Baked Banana Bread”

Coffee Cake Brownies
Crumb Coffee Cake Brownies

So the next time you plan on enjoying marijuana with a group friends, it’s time to pull out the cookbook and find out which you think will entire everyone. This experience will surely be a unique one and there’s no need to worry about smoke ever again.