How to Start an Indoor Marijuana Garden

Indoor marijuana growing has been a hobby by a lot of people nowadays especially that it’s been legalized in some parts of the country. But people should know that growing marijuana isn’t just like growing any other plant. It requires some careful planning along with the right equipment in order for good seeds to grow the way it should be.

When you want to start an indoor marijuana garden, you must first decide whether or not you will have a soil based garden or use one of the hydroponic systems. But other than that, you need to know some of the equipment that is commonly used by marijuana farmers to grow their plant in a healthy way.

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Exhaust Fans

Air temperature and proper circulation is important to happen in a grow room. Exhaust fans are an effective way of keeping the cool air in and the warm air out. This process will allow the temperature to be reduced in the room and will provide the needed fresh air and circulation to the plants.


Lighting is an important equipment to have in every indoor garden. The lighting that you will use will depend on the number of plants that you have and how large the garden is. Another factor that you should also look into before buying lighting is the budget because the lights used for this is not that cheap in any way. The recommended light for this garden are the ones that have hoods and ballasts that are capable of switching between high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs on an easy manner. Also, you may want to add some sort of surge protector just for precaution.


For your hardware, you must base it on the area that you are planning for your garden. There are some rooms that only require a simple setup such as hanging some wires and installing hooks. For complicated ones, there are gardens that have separation rooms which will ensure proper growing for a specific type of plant and prevent contamination from each other. Make sure to always calculate and determine the type of room which you will build a garden for your marijuana.


To utilize your grow lights, you need to make the room in your garden look like a spaceship if possible. Using Mylar is the best way to make the light bounce around the room. You can also use tin foil for a cheaper option but this can easily rip and fold very easy. Mylar probably is the best one so far because it will save you time and energy in the long run.

Pest Control

For any plant grower, pests are the most irritating things to happen to your plant. If you are growing a sophisticated type of marijuana, a pest attack can easily destroy the plant and will surely render all your hard work to be useless. You need to find a particular pesticide to use and if possible, it must be organic and only a single brand so that it will not be too much for the plant.

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  1. If you don t have the budget to do it all at once, gather the materials over time before you start growing. Otherwise you run the risk of wasting your time and money in your quest to grow the highest quality medical marijuana that meets your tastes and needs to perfection.