Match Up: Flourescent VS CFL Grow Lights

cfl grow light

We have our preferences for our choice of lighting systems in order to improve the quality of our weed. However, we also need to consider the effects of each type of lighting method to prevent us from making the wrong choices. That is why there are different websites that can truly help you in solving this problem. Product review sites give a sneak peek on what you offer. This is where you can start thinking right.

Let us compare two of the strongest contenders for the best lighting system in the world of marijuana farming – CFL grow lights (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and the standard Fluorescent lamp. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these lighting methods.

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Standard Fluorescent Lamp

Also widely known as T5’s, the standard fluorescent grow lamp has long been used as a grow light. However, it comes with a list of advantages and disadvantages that you’re going to fully need in the future.


T5 can be used to grow different types of plants aside from marijuana alone. The light can be also kept that close to the plants, thus making it versatile. Energy-wise, it would spend less electricity compared to incandescent light bulbs. Since it could be kept closer to plants, there would be no problem using smaller tents for growing.


It may have possessed less power than HID’s so this means that yields of your weed may be lower. With regards to monitoring, you need to be on it 24/7 for they are kept closer to plants and have less space.

Over CFL’s, fluorescent grow lights spend energy more efficiently compared to them since it covers a wide area without the use of too much effort. In terms of setup and maintenance, fluorescent systems are easier. Though CFL’s can be placed in panels like fluorescent lights, but the latter is more compatible with panels and also easier to adjust.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Also widely know as CFL’s,are these light bulbs that have a twisted or spiraled design. We often see this in television or other energy saving ads as the substitute for incandescent light bulbs. This electrical appliance can be made use for growing whether the wattage may be as little as 12 watts to as high as 125 watts. Indeed an energy-efficient piece of equipment.


One thing about CFL’s is that, they’re everywhere! You can buy them at Home Depot, Walmart, Target and more. Not to mention grocery stores that sells them as well. With regards to suspicion by authorities or other people around you, CFL’s are usual household items. There is nothing to worry about.

It can be also placed anywhere as you wish thanks to its shape and size. Though it radiates a hotter temperature compared to fluorescent grow lights, you can still proceed on growing your weed without the aid of a lighting system.


Though it may be cheap, it could not produce the same amount of light as an HPS. Unlike fluorescent lamps that make use of panels, CFL’s make use of sockets which make it more costly since you need a lot of light to grow your weed. Another bad thing about CFL’s would be the constant arrangement of the light bulbs.

CFL’s can be used basically anywhere around the plant, unlike ordinary fluorescent grow lights that make use of panels that only radiate the top part of your plants. CFL’s are much more obtainable due to its availability in the market. The best thing about using CFL’s is that you can’t be easily detected. Since it can be used in so many ways, nobody would know it would be for your grow room.

It seems that only one stands out between the two. The winner for this match-up would be the CFL’s. It’s got the right combination of efficiency, coverage and versatility. Nothing as of the moment could rival the CFL in these categories. Now is the time to purchase for your weed farm. Go!