Marijuana Oil is a thick, sticky and resinous essence consisting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Cannabis oil is more potent when it comes to cannabinoids compared to the actual cannabis flower (marijuana) and resin (hashish). Marijuana oil sold in markets may have many contaminants and most of the time will have lesser amount of THC or CBD in them at all. When you are using marijuana oil for medical purposes, it is advised to make sure that the marijuana oil you are using is clean and pure. It’s always better to make your own oil, this helps assure your safety and that high quality oil is obtained.

Medical Marijuana Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is made from cold-pressed seeds of the hemp plant. It is abundant with essential fatty oils and used for its nutritional benefits. Medical marijuana oil, on the other hand, is from the buds of the female marijuana plant. The THC and Cannabinoids in the plant allow it to activate cells and offer medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana oil is also known as cannabis oil or hash oil.

Marijuana Oil Procedure

The very first thing you need to do is to purchase and dry your marijuana plants. Keep in mind that the better the quality, the better the oil. Make sure your plant buds are as dry as possible before beginning. After finding the best weeds on the market or at your own backyard, you will then need to decide on a solvent to use. The solvent will then be used to strip the THC off the plant. It is better to stay away from ether and butane, although ether works really well in this method, it’s very fickle and is best done under laboratory conditions. Butane is likewise very volatile and produces a product with lesser THC.

Now you are ready to start the procedure.

Put your dry plant buds in a large plastic container and then add your solvent. Use a clean stick (it should not contain any chemicals like paint) and crush the buds and leaves. Gradually add more solvent until the plant material is completely immersed and continue crushing for about three minutes. For safety, make sure to work in a well-ventilated room and away from flames. When you have already stripped off the THC and cannabinoids, it is now the time to filter your oil.

Weed Oil
Marijuana oil in a bottle

The next process would be boiling your solvent, heat your solvent until it boils away and only the oil remains. When there is only 2 inches of solvent and oil remaining, add a little bit of water to boil off the remaining solvent. Place your container with cannabis oil in gentle heating device like coffee warmer. When the oil stops bubbling, remove the container from the heat and allow it to cool for some time. Once your marijuana oil is already cool, find a safe container where you could store your own-made oil to consume. Store your container in a cool dry place, preferably with room temperature for a longer shelf life.

Making your own medical marijuana oil might need a lot of work and time but you are saving yourself from some unsafe marijuana oil being boasted on the market. Safety first before convenience.