Tips When You Get Too High on Marijuana Edibles

Those who are smoking marijuana will eventually come to a point where they feel that they should try eating marijuana as a new way of consuming it. This can be a different experience where everyone simply enjoys their favorite drug in the form of an edible.

If you consume marijuana as an edible to get high, then it won’t produce a far out departure from reality – but it still can. Pot-induced foods have been around for several years already and now, these products are still doing great in terms of a potent way to getting stoned. And even though that it comes on a different form, this one still has a potential to be abused by users.

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However, some individuals enjoy consuming marijuana edibles so much that they have taken more than their usual dosage. This can intensify the experience in which other individuals won’t be too comfortable of. Before you try this method, you should have an understanding of how this works by knowing the proper dosages and the right approach on how to consume marijuana edibles.

Check out these simple guidelines to know about marijuana edibles.

If you have a feeling that you’re dying, just breathe normally

The psychoactive compound in marijuana known as THC can’t kill you even if you have consumed too much of it. According to a study, the possibility of someone dying from too much THC is if it has been ingested 1000 times more than the amount of THC in a single joint.

There surely is not enough THC in your bloodstream that can kill you but then it can be enough to provide a traumatic experience at the same time. The edible form of marijuana can come in different types of food wherein each has a unique THC concentration and recommended dosage. The usual candy bars and brownies are sometimes made with 10 times more the THC amount you would normally find in an average joint. Make sure to always note what you’re eating and count the number of foods you’ve consumed since most of the marijuana-infused edibles are so delicious and you might not stop eating.

It might last a while but you will get through it

The effects of marijuana when you smoke it can be felt immediately while eating them may take somewhere around 30 minutes to 2 hours before it will finally kick in. For this reason, people will continue eating more and more of it because they think that their initial dosage isn’t working. This will cause the fun and exciting trip to have a transition to something that will seem like a wide-awake nightmare filled with anxiety, panic, or something even worse.

This uncomfortable sensation for eating too much may last somewhere around 6 to 10 hours depending on how much THC has entered your body. There’s nothing you can do to counteract this strong high so you’ll have to bear with it for a couple of hours. Take note to also not pair it with alcohol or prescription drugs because that will generally be a bad idea.

You will go back to normal

If you are undergoing this ordeal, then you should always keep this in mind. Even though that the trip will be more intense before it settles down, just remember that it will be better after that. After the effects wear off, you will go through some residual effects wherein it is known as a “marijuana hangover.” This experience will include sluggishness, fatigue, long- lasting anxiety and perhaps a feeling that you are still high. The best thing to say to yourself is that you have indeed experienced marijuana at its worse and you definitely survived the ordeal.

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  1. You got it right! It will pass. Bt it was a rollercoaster of emotions before getting through it. LOL