E-cigarettes have become so popular these days. Both Marijuana lovers and those who use marijuana for its medical benefits also hoped to have access to marijuana electronic cigarette infusions. Fortunately, there are now lots of ways on how to put THC liquids or marijuana concentrates in your electronic cigarettes.

This article will show you four ways to use your e-cigarette with liquid from dry herbs, THC liquids, concentrates, waxes and oils. Everything is simple and you’ll only need a few materials or ingredients to go on with the process. Also, some pros and cons will be discussed for every method.

So buckle up and get ready to learn a new way of medicating yourself with marijuana without spending a lot.


First, try using the simple marijuana herb on your e-cigarette. You’ll only need a dry herb cartridge and an efficient e-cigarette battery with threading. The key is to find a variable voltage battery. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of the e-cig. A dry herb cartridge also makes you transform your e-cig into something like an e-pipe. It only combusts the herb but it doesn’t vaporize it. Others do not prefer this method because it is not as discreet as the other techniques. This is ideal for people who like to work more with dry herbs. Among all the methods, this is also the easiest and simplest one.

Marijuana Herbs
Cannabis Buds

Cannabis Tinctures and THC E-liquids

Many people are fond of using these elements because they are flavorful, potent and portable just like concentrates. You only need three things for this method namely a dual coil tincture tank, an e-cig battery with threading and a tincture liquid blend. Some dispensaries offer pre-filled tincture cartridges but you can also make tinctures yourself. This is only best for people who love to put in effort in making their own liquids. Also, it isn’t as potent as cartridges with pure concentrate. However, this allows you to smoke discreetly as it isn’t as aromatic. As mentioned, people love the fact that they can incorporate custom flavors into the liquid.

Cannabis Tinctures
Marijuana Extract

THC Concentrates, Oils and Waxes

This method is limited only to people who have access to THC concentrates. There are three ways of building your set-up using these vape concentrates. It depends on your preference in stealth, high or capacity. This will be dependent on the brand of your e-cigarette because the adjustments rely on the elements and the different cartridges of the e-cigs. Although it’s limited to those who can avail of THC concentrates, this is preferred for its power and portability. It can also be smoked discreetly as it is exudes minimal aroma.

Weed Oil
Marijuana oil in a bottle

Pre-Filled Cartridges

This is the most convenient way of firing up your e-cig. Perhaps it’s because this one is only available for those who have obtained prescriptions for medical marijuana. Although a little bit pricey, it saves time and effort. Also, because they are already in pre-filled medicated cartridges, they come in many flavors and strains.

Marijuana E-Cig Pre-Filled Cartridges

There you go. Now, you have background knowledge on the four bullets of the marijuana e-cig infusions. Pick your poison and find out what works best for your lifestyle and body.