“High”ly Creative Ways: How to Take Marijuana


A lot of studies proved that marijuana indeed has medicinal properties and could be of benefit for a lot of patients. It has been found out to help alleviate pain in suffering patients, increase the appetite of those who are losing weight and other health benefits.

It has occurred to me, though, that it as effective as it may have turned out to be, how do the physicians make their patients take medicinal marijuana? Do they make them smoke it like they are just having a pot-session in the hospital? What if the patient is not comfortable with that? Well, of course just like other medicines, there are many different ways on how to take marijuana.

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Breathe it In

Most people would think that the primary method for taking cannabis would be smoking. Inhalation of the smoke would allow the patient to measure the amount of the medicine that they take, they can reduce it whatever dosage they can mostly benefit from since its effect is immediate.

The Classic Joint Form

This is the most traditional way of taking cannabis. The cigarette form is apparently the most common form, though this could also be taken using a pipe or a bong. Smoking cannabis in joint appeared to be the least effective since most of the medication is lost to the smoke as cigarette burn, although using a pipe or a bong is more efficient and would help lessen irritation of the airway.


Rather than creating smoke by burning the cannabis, it can be placed under high temperature that will make it release vapors that can be inhaled, just like that in the nebulizer that asthma patients use.

Under the Tongue

Patients who have never experience smoking cigarettes are most comfortable with this method of medication delivery. In this method, cannabis is in oil or tincture form. It is then absorbed fast into the body when placed under the tongue via a dropper. It could also be administered using a spray container, the medication is sprayed and absorbed in the mouth.

Oral Ingestion

Taking cannabis orally in liquid or tablet form has both benefits and disadvantages, just like any other medication taken in the same way. This method of delivery takes a bit more time for it to take effect.

On the Skin

Who knew that cannabis can be applied in your painful area like a lotion? The goal of this delivery method is for the medicine to be absorbed to the specific area that you want to get treated.

Weed Tea and Soda

Stem, buds and leaves of cannabis can also be used to make a medicinal tea. The process of making a cannabis tea is basically just the same as when you’re making any other tea. Patients described taking this as like drinking chamomile tea but with an extended effect that lasts for hours.

Marijuana soda has already been made available. These are made by adding tincture to the sodas. The latest cannabis soda was just released late last year. The tea and soda form are made available for those who prefer taking their medications in liquid form.

So if you’re needing to get “high” for health reasons, don’t worry about lighting up a joint if you aren’t comfortable with smoking. Keep these tips on how to take marijuana in mind.