Why Keep Your Bong Clean?

The use of marijuana to get high has been around for years, even during the 70’s and 80’s, smoking weed has been a thing for teenagers and adults. But during that time, the use of marijuana was still illegal, not just in many states, but almost every part of the world since weed is considered as an addictive substance like alcohol, cigarette, heroin, meth and cocaine. However, with the recent legalization regarding the use of marijuana just this 2014, this proves to us that weed isn’t so bad compared to those other addictive substance.

One of the most common ways to use weed is by smoking it by rolling it in foil or paper, wrapping it up into a stick and smoking it just like a cigarette. But there’s another way of smoking weed which is through the use of a bong. These flask-like glasses help in smoking bong to a whole new level of experience that you’ll be surprised and will be wallowing in deep regret if you’ve never used one before. But it’s important to maintain your marijuana bong to get the best quality of smoke that you want to get.

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Here are the reasons why you should keep your weed bong clean:

Cleaner Smoke

When you smoke weed from your bong, you definitely want the freshest and cleanest smoke that you can get, right? If you don’t clean your bong, the smoke will end up getting dirtied by the leftover residues of your previous session and it will look a bit damp and dirty. You need to be conscious about this because smoking up weed from a dirty bong can lead to a number of health problems like pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory problems. This is because dirty smoke coming from an unclean bong has the tendency to irritate the airways.

Smoother Hit

Want a smoother hit from smoking your weed? Then using a bong is your solution! But don’t get all excited silly because you’ll get a smooth hit just by using a bong. Sure, you might notice that the first time you use a bong, there’s an unexplainable type of hit – that’s because the bong is brand new and is still clean. If you don’t maintain your bong well, don’t expect that you’ll be getting a smooth hit anytime soon.

Gets Your High Faster

There’s no doubt about it – a clean bong can help you get high a lot faster than using an unclean bong. This is because when you smoke up weed coming from a new bong, you get the smoke from the freshly burned marijuana that just manages to hit the spot. However, smoking with an unclean bong just lets you smoke the old residue or leftovers of your previous marijuana session. To make things easier to explain, it’s just like eating off a plate that’s been used the previous day.

It can be a hassle when it comes to cleaning a bong. But with this handy device comes the responsibility to maintain your bong to its optimum condition if you want the best smoke that you can get from your weed.

Go and clean that bong!

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