Marijuana had been tag as an illicit drug or worse, a weed that should be avoided. Sentiments regarding that matter were never equal, others believe that marijuana could bring them closer to a healthier living. Researchers had found out that cannabis sativa has components that could actually prevent or cure illness. Despite testimonies and proofs about the effectivity of marijuana as a medical drug, it is still crucial to consult a physician in order not to overdose intakes and to make sure that you would only be consuming the right dosage for your needs.

When you’re using marijuana as prescribed by a physician, ingesting it into your body on the same routine could be boring. In this world full of hungry stomachs, the best way to enjoy edible medical marijuana is to incorporate it with food.


Health enthusiasts always include fruit juices on their everyday regimen. These health conscious ones who are under the medical marijuana therapy could infuse their marijuana on their daily sips. Let’s take a watermelon shake in the morning for an example. You could replace regular milk for a cannamilk, if you are lactose intolerant; skip the milk and instead use baked buds and mix it with your watermelon shake. You should keep in mind the dosage you would need per intake. If you are only prescribed to 5mg per intake; do not put 5mg of baked buds and put cannamilk too. You could do some calculations for the ingredients until you accumulate the exact dosage.

Ganjasize Your Meal

If you’re a lover of garnish and you’re under medication, you could always sneak in your weed into your meals by making it as an additional garnish. For undecarboxylated (a procedure where THC is activated) marijuana, you could decarboxylate it by baking it in your oven at 106°C for 25 minutes. After heating, it will turn into a crisp particle. You could either turn it into a powdery substance or leave it as a crumble topping.

Meal with edible medical marijuana
A Perfect Meal with Marijuana Infused Toppings


Cannamilk is often referred to be the “mother of sauce” on the edible side of the cannabis world. Using this mixture you could already infuse marijuana on any food that has milk on its ingredients. In order to make this, you would only be needing whole milk, heavy whip cream, marijuana (buds, flower, stem or any part you want to use) and cheese cloth (for straining). Heat your milk together with your cannabis in slow heat and bring to a boil, then strain your mixture to remove particles. You can now enjoy any meal with cannamilk. Now isn’t this a delicious edible medical marijuana treat!

Market Preference

Not that patient about creating a DIY marijuana treat? You could always settle to the different medical cannabis products available in the market. Since the legalization of marijuana, there are uncountable products released that contain marijuana. From sweet treats to barbecue sauces, you name it. Though buying a ready-made good is easier than making your own, you should always keep in mind to check the labels. Consider the other ingredients present in the product and never forget to check the dosage. It is better to be safe and sure than sorry.