What Are Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?  

People actually used to believe that you can’t experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms when you extensively use it for a long time and decide to stop. They say that’s because it is not really addicting, it’s just hard to stop because it makes you feel so good.

But now we know better. Researches have proven that you can actually have marijuana withdrawal, although the symptoms are mild most of the time, they can usually drive users back to relapse. There are others, though, who may have a little to no discomfort upon the discontinuing of marijuana use.

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The withdrawal symptoms can either be physical or psychological. If you experience any of these when you stop taking pot, then my friend, you’re experiencing marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana Cravings

You crave for its company, you intensely desire for more! It made you feel so good that you badly want that feeling back again. This may be the most common symptom reported by those who decided to stop taking marijuana. Most users don’t really believe that marijuana can get them addicted but isn’t the hallmark symptom of addiction craving for that something once you stop having it?

Mood Swings

Geez! Marijuana withdrawal will turn you into a girl! One second you’re sitting in a corner sad and depressed then you’re singing and dancing to Jennifer Lopez songs the next. The most common emotional swings experienced by those in withdrawal are irritability, anger, depression and euphoria. But if you’re forced to give up something that makes you happy, won’t that make you angry and irritable? Duh.


When you miss something, thinking about it does keep you up until the wee hours of the night. Insomnia is also one of the most common reported symptoms of withdrawal. But there were also those who experienced having nightmares and vivid dreams. The dreams are usually about them getting back together with weed and they keep having those even years after they quit smoking marijuana.


You develop some sort of a general anxiety, opposite to what marijuana used to make you feel. Maybe this is because your brain is compensating for the chemicals it has been exposed to while you were still using marijuana.

Appetite Changes

Some forget to feel hunger when they stopped taking weed, while there are others who had increased appetite when they came off of the drug. It really depends on your case.


This has to be the most common physical symptom reported by those going through withdrawal. Although not everyone experience having headaches, those who do have very intense, head-cracking headache. This is most common during the first few days after quitting.

The headaches are usually gone after two weeks but there are others who still have it up until several months.


Might be the most severe marijuana withdrawal symptom you can experience. This is when you feel like you are disconnected to you own body. You don’t feel like the same person anymore and you might even think you’re going crazy. This could be a result of intense anxiety.

While these marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be difficult and challenging, if you’re set on overcoming your marijuana addiction, you will surely get through it so hold on tight and never give up.