In places where marijuana has already been legalized, avid cannabis fans are not only enjoying marijuana in the form of a joint or in a bong. People thought creative ways of how else they can enjoy the plant they fought so hard to be legalized. There are already a variety of foods with cannabis you can enjoy – from cakes to candies to ice cream to pastries and a whole lot more.

And now, there are already commercial marijuana infused drinks that you can grab from local marijuana stores over the nation. There are different cannabis drinks you can choose from. So what is this marijuana infused cannabis drinks which are commercially available for you to enjoy?

Here are some of them.


Mirth Provisions which is a Washington-based company concocted this beverage and gave it the cute name “Legal”. Each bottle of this drink contains twenty two milligrams of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana which gives you those desirable effects that people like so much. The people who produced Legal said that a THC content of 22 milligrams is already enough to give you that kind of high that can make you feel good but is not too much that it will overwhelm your body.

Legal Cannabis drinks
Mirth Provisions “Legal”

Legal has five different flavors like the sparkling lemon ginger flavor, the cold brew, cold brew with milk and sugar and the sparkling pomegranate and rainier cherry. According to them, each flavor can make you experience a different kind or different level of high. Whatever flavor you try, it will surely give you an amazing drinking experience.

The Canna Cola

This is medical marijuana in a form of a soda drink but that doesn’t mean that only those who need marijuana for its medicinal effects can enjoy this. Canna Cola is a very tasty drink bottled up in a fun looking bottle and is named in a very fun and catchy way. Brewing a medical marijuana in a drink form helps to reduce the stigma still associated to marijuana even used medically because let’s be honest, there will always be people or patients who will never be comfortable smoking a joint even for medical purpose.

Cannabis Energy Drink

Feel like all your energy was already drained? Do you have to stay up to do school or work stuff and have to keep yourself revitalized and full of energy but it seems like energy bars, coffee and other energy drinks are not working anymore? I think the Cannabis Energy Drink is just what you need. You can go from dead tired and super sleepy to jumping up and down and ready to do a ten kilometer marathon in just a matter of minutes.

Cannabis Energy Drink
Cannabis Energy Drink

Although there is cannabis in its name and it contains hemp seed extract, these drinks can’t get you high. Only up and alert and pumped with energy! Only remember not to go overboard like consuming more than four bottles in one day because you may experience unwanted side effects. If you are not pregnant, don’t have allergic reactions to caffeine a child or is diabetic, then you can surely try and take a sip of this Cannabis Energy Drink.

So there you go, some of the marijuana infused drinks you can enjoy. Bottoms up!