Common Mistakes Marijuana Growers Make

marijuana growers

Marijuana growers are a good supply of weed. Even with the recent legalization marijuana use, there are many marijuana growers who still commit mistakes, some mistakes that can spell doom for their cannabis plants.

If you’re planning on raising your very own marijuana empire, do take note of the following mistakes that many marijuana growers make and be sure that you don’t make them as you go.

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Don’t Brag About It

Sure, it’s tempting to tell all your friends and family about your successful endeavor. But it surely isn’t good to go on telling them that you’re growing and selling weed. While marijuana is already legalized in some states, there are still places that consider possession and growing marijuana as a crime.

If you don’t want to see police officers knocking on your doors and you don’t want to make a trip to the police station, don’t tell anyone else except for those you’re really close with about your marijuana growing empire. And don’t tell everyone you know since some of them might just ask for free weed and your profits can suffer.

Don’t Harvest Too Early

Easily one of the most common mistakes that rookie marijuana growers make – harvesting too early only gives you weed that’s stale and weak when you consume the buds. Be patient and wait it out until the buds grow more mature. Usually, the buds mature at around a couple of weeks and you need to control their growth with proper use of fertilizers, hydroponics and adequate lighting. Just be patient and don’t carelessly cut the stems and remove the buds even before they start to mature.

Provide Adequate Lighting

In growing marijuana, light is important to ensure the health of your cannabis plants. If you want your cannabis plants to grow healthy, be sure to provide lighting for them. While sunlight is a good source of energy for your plants, you can’t really control the amount and time that you give to your plants.

At times like this, a good marijuana grower would use grow boxes or tents with artificial lighting to ensure the plants get adequate lighting at a consistent rate. Sure, it can be a bit expensive and it can suck up a lot of electrical power, but at the end of the harvest, it’s definitely going to be worth the wait.

Use the Right Soil

Many amateur marijuana growers think that outdoor soil is enough for cannabis to grow in. But they’re dead wrong when it comes to that. The soil may be too acidic or too alkaline for marijuana to grow adequately, so it’s unhealthy for cannabis to grow in and you can only end up with low quality weed or the plants may not even grow at all. Test the pH of the soil and it’s preferable to use soil that’s rich and abundant in nutrients.

There are a lot of mistakes that marijuana growers can make. It’s up to you to do your research to ensure that your cannabis plants grow healthy and strong. Read up on these common mistakes and make sure you don’t commit any of them.