What is Liquid Marijuana?

liquid marijuana

Based on what the name suggests, liquid marijuana is just marijuana in the form of liquid. It is often called as “liquid THC” wherein THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the compound found in cannabis that gives the smoker the psychoactive effects. The liquid form of marijuana is usually bought in cartridges and can also be done by extracting a marijuana plant but this method can be more dangerous. The liquid form will then be loaded in a vaporizer pen and it’s ready to be used by the smoker.

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Why Use Vaporizer Pens?

The main reason why people use vaporizer pens is because no one can actually tell what it is that you packed in there. This also goes the same for liquid marijuana because no one will know that you are carrying weed inside of it.

Vaporizer pens require using a battery-powered heater for it to vaporize the liquid THC so it’s a guarantee that no smoke, no fire and no smell can be dispersed from it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a healthy way of smoking marijuana or any liquid vapes for that instance. Despite the health issues, vaporizer pens feel much easier when it goes through your lungs rather than the actual smoke. So this means that dispersing liquid marijuana through a vaporizer pen will make it less threatening.

How does Liquid Marijuana Affect the Body?

Liquid marijuana affects your body the same way the other forms of cannabis affects it. The most common effects experienced when using marijuana are increased heart rate, increased appetite, mood changes and dry mouth. It mostly provides a calming effect for the smoker but often times; it can even worsen the anxiety. These effects are usually experienced after a few minutes that THC has entered your system.

Is Liquid Marijuana Riskier?

There are reports which claim that marijuana flowers can contain THC of up to 20% while the liquid forms can have up to 90% of that psychoactive ingredient. This can indicate that inexperienced marijuana smokers can easily faint or throw up if they consume too much of it. Another risky thing about it is that some reports show that extracting THC oil using butane can cause an explosion to occur.

In addition to the risks associated with liquid marijuana, it can also cause the smoker to experience psychosis and paranoia. There are also chances that you will injure yourself while you’re under the influence of it since its side effects include difficulty in concentration, slow reactions, vision changes and rapid heart rate.

Is it Legal?

Smoking marijuana using a vaporizer pen is legal in Colorado and Washington since these 2 states have also legalized the use of recreational marijuana. If you currently are a medical marijuana prescription holder in California then you can use liquid marijuana legally too.

Is it Regulated?

There have been no standards that have implemented with regards to the manufacturing of liquid marijuana. This means that when you use a bottle of it, there’s no telling that its contents are 100% sure. With that being said, those manufacturers might even add in some chemicals which will surely make it more dangerous to consume.

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