The incredibly versatile marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways – with smoking being the most common method. However, it is no secret that smoking can be detrimental in the long run. A better choice would be to opt for edible consumption. Not only is it a healthier alternative, but it also makes dosing more delectable than ever.

Marijuana Edibles You Can Buy

The problem, however, is that not everyone is gifted in the kitchen. Cooking homemade edibles isn’t rocket science, but it’s not for everyone either. Those who are culinarily challenged or simply do not have the time and patience to make their own edibles are at a disadvantage. Fortunately, some companies have foreseen the need for ready made cannabis edibles. If you like to go the easy route, here are the most delicious marijuana edibles you can buy at dispensaries.

1. Dixie Chills

Dixie Elixirs and Edibles offers a delicious and refreshing alternative medicine experience in the form of our favorite dessert – ice cream. A medicated ice cream that contains over 80 mg of active cannabinoids per 3.5 ounces, which is perfect for long-lasting symptom relief. It comes in two flavors – vanilla and chocolate. But perhaps the best part is that these frosty treats are lactose-free, gluten-free, and 100% vegan.

Ice Cream
Marijuana Edible Ice Cream

Dixie Elixirs is a limited liability company (LLC) based in Denver, Colorado, and known for being a trusted source of premium marijuana-infused edibles since 2009. The company distinguishes itself in the vast market of edibles with the usage of all-natural ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and discreet packaging. You can rest assured that all the products are guaranteed safe to ingest as these are lab tested – not once, not twice, but thrice.

2. Kush Cake Pops

Sweet-toothed tokers will surely love these cannabis-infused cakes on a stick. Kush Cake Pops by Kush Kakery are medicated, chocolate-coated treats that come in over 30 weed delicious flavors, including:

  • Chocolate Thai
  • Blue Dream
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Watermelon OG

These adult-version cake pops come in three dosages: 55mg, 111 mg, and 222mg.

Cake Pops
Marijuana Cake Pops

Kush Kakery is an edibles company located in Hollywood, California, most famous for its artisanal desserts made only from high-quality ingredients and THC sourced from all-organic in-house extraction.

3. Jolly Gems

Jolly Gems is a must-try for candy-loving tokers. These sweet treats from Wildfire Botanicals are fruit-flavored candies infused with the goodness of cannabis. One package weighs 1.7oz (47g) and contains 10 candies with 15mg of THC each, thereby bringing the total THC count to 150 mg per package.

Cannabis Candies
Marijuana Candies

Wildfire Botanicals is a fully licensed edible producer based in Oklahoma City. This company takes pride in the fact that all their products are developed by professionally trained chefs. They also employ pharmacists to ensure that the products are made according to the highest standards in the industry.

4. Caramel CBD Coffee

Are you suffering from physical and psychological discomfort? Take a sip of this delicious, bittersweet Caramel CBD Coffee from Fresh Bombs, and spend the rest of the day symptom-free. If you’re a bonafide coffee lover, you’ll definitely appreciate its sweet, complex aroma and deep, earthen flavor mixed with the smoothness of creamy caramel. After all, it uses premium-grade coffee beans and cannabis buds organically grown in the fertile soils of Brazil, Colombia, Huila, and Guatemala.

CBD Coffee Cannabis Edibles
Caramel CBD Coffee

Fresh Bombs – a company based in Davie, Florida – specializes in producing high-quality CBD Spa Treatments. They also develop and produce CBD edibles. The company has made a reputation for supplying marijuana products that are 100% organic, lab-tested, and made only from the highest quality ingredients.

5. CBD Granola Bars

Craving for some nutrient-dense breakfast on the go? Well then, granola bars will be your new best friend. And if you’re the type to wake and bake, these medicated granola bars from CBDTechnologies US are perfect for you. These cannabis edibles are packed with healthy energy-rich food such as rolled oats, real mixed berries, nuts and chocolate. They also pack pure CBD isolates with little to no trace of THC. Hence, you could rest assured that you’ll feel energized and symptom-free throughout the day without the fear of getting high.

Each CBD Granola Bar contains 170 calories and 250 mg of CBD. You could also tweak the potency of the CBD levels according to your medicinal needs. Do keep it within 250 to 2000 mg per bar.

CBDTechnologies US specializes in creating high-quality CBD products such as cannabis edibles, pills, and tinctures. All their products are guaranteed to be top-of-the-line edibles, thanks to the company’s commitment to using premium quality ingredients and third-party lab-tested CBD isolates.

6. Krondike Bar

If you liked Klondike Bars as a kid, you would definitely love these marijuana-infused Krondike Bars as an adult. These creamy ice cream bars coated in velvety chocolate will definitely get you high. It also comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, peanut butter, strawberry, mint, and banana nut brownie.

Ice cream bar cannabis
Ice cream marijuana bar edibles

The catch, however, is that Krondike Bars are rare gems that are hard to come by and are only available in certain dispensaries. If you do find it, though, you’re surely in for a treat!

7. Kif-Kat Bar

Did you know that Kit-Kat bars come in unique, somewhat weird flavors such as green tea, strawberry cheesecake and wasabi, among others? Well, it turns out that some ganjapreneurs found a way to make a stoner version of these signature chocolate wafers. Aside from the clever wordplay and the fact that it could get you high, Kif-Kat Bars are in every way identical to the non-marijuana-laced originals. For the price of $25, you’ll be getting a 3.5g chocolate-coated wafer bar with 15mg of THC and 8 mg of CBD per serving.

Kit Kat Cannabis Bars
Kit Kat Marijuana Bars

Like Klondike Bars, though, these treats are quite rare and hard to find.

Savoring Edibles the Quick and Easy Way

In a non-stop hustling and bustling world, time is one of the most valuable things you can have. So, it is understandable if some people choose the easy way, buying ready-to-eat cannabis edibles. Not only does it guarantee a mess-free kitchen, but it also saves a lot of time and effort. Just a fair warning, though: make sure you are sourcing your edibles from licensed and trusted dispensaries to avoid consuming substandard products.