Common Mistakes of Marijuana Growers

marijuana growers

May it be through level of experience or just luck; there are some mistakes that marijuana growers can make in raising their plants. Sometimes, you could just escape these mistakes and carry on with your normal plant growth but there are times when these mistakes are so critical that it can spell the death of your marijuana plants.

Here are just some of the most common mistakes that marijuana growers can make in raising their plants.

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Too Much Water

Long story short, too much water can kill your marijuana plants. You should water only when the first layer of the soil starts to dry out. The hydroponics system that most marijuana grow boxes and grow tents use is less prone to overwatering so you won’t have to worry about drowning your plants. Be sure to learn how to manage your watering time to provide adequate hydration to your plants while keeping sure that your plants don’t drown.

Don’t Brag

Let’s face it – not many places still accept the raising and using of marijuana for its recreational and medical use. For that very reason, don’t brag about growing marijuana and don’t go telling other people that you do grow. Professional weed growers prefer to grow their stock by stealth and in secret. If you don’t want to go to jail or have the police pay a visit to your home, then better shut up about you growing your own weed empire.

Don’t Kill the Seeds!

The most serious and common blunder that many amateur marijuana growers commit nowadays is that they tend to destroy the germinating seeds. For all that is holy, don’t crush these seeds! The germinating seeds are still growing and you need to give it a few more days, usually 10 days, for the seeds to completely sprout. Don’t force the plant on growing and be patient.


At this point, it’s also the same with watering – don’t use fertilizers too much. A rule of thumb when it comes to using fertilizers for your marijuana is to never use any fertilizer when you water. Work your way up gradually by starting at around 25% potency and allow the plants to get more water first. Slowly but surely, proceed once you see that the plants can handle more and more fertilizer. However, don’t under fertilize or else you’ll be left with underdeveloped and fruitless marijuana plants.

Indoors or Outdoors

Some marijuana strains can grow best indoors while some prefer outdoors. There comes a time when you need to take control of your plants’ growth and bring them in a grow box or tent. A common mistake that most growers make is that they bring in their plants indoors too early, giving only weak and fragile plants that bear little to no buds. Time it right and learn the proper way bringing in your plants indoors or even outdoors.

Blunders and mistakes are unavoidable when it comes to growing marijuana. Even the most experienced growers can still make some mistakes from time to time. But be sure to learn about these mistakes to ensure that you have healthy marijuana plants.